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Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday To Lulu

Lulu's birthday is tomorrow July 12th. She was 5 years old when we married 40 years ago.

Since we will winging our way to London on her real birthday - 25 folks gathered at our house yesterday for a surprise party. While Lulu and I went to see the movie - Bad Teacher - our friends Joel - Shirley - and Josh were prepping. At 5PM - when everyone was arriving - we had a typical Florida summer downpour. Lightning - thunder - an deluges of rain. We we arrived at 5:20 PM - the party was in full swing. They almost didn't notice our arrival. The party was originally planned to be a pool party complete with basketball - volleyball - and badminton in the the water.

Lulu loves having parties but she frets the preparation. This one was instant. She had plausible deniability - if anything went wrong it did not reflect on her. The party was completely designed on the Net. Invitations went out Wednesday. The guest list was set by Friday. Food was ordered - plans were sent out to the help.

The rain could not dampen the outcome. Everyone seemed to have a good time - and folks were exchanging email addresses. Others were exchanging old times together.

What is nice about marrying such a young lady - all your life you have a young beauty queen. Lulu gets better and better every day - she is always good for a surprise.

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