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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Billy Elliot Tonight - Saturday - 7:30

Mom is taking her class to Billy Elliot tonight - Saturday 7:30. She has advance tickets.

Dan and Ann wanted to go. I went down to the box office this morning at 9 AM. Unfortunately - it did not open until 10 AM - so I stood in line. Then when it opened it was only selling day seats for the matinee. I had to wait to 10:30 for day seats for the night show.

I was number 4 in line. You were only allowed two seats at the deeply discounted day price of 27 pounds each. A pound is $1.50. The play was sold out except for a few "day" seats - which means you get them the day of the show.

An agent online wanted 168 pounds a seat!

Lucky for me - I got two tickets - front row - seats 5 & 6 for 55 pounds total - about $80. They were the last two available.

They did not let me take the tickets with me - they must be picked up at will call - because of scalping. You show your receipt and get your tickets.

This is my favorite show - and front row is my favorite seats. I got the last seats.

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