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Thursday, July 28, 2011

BILLY ELLIOT - Thursday Matinee with Keith - Liz - and Spencer

This is the first time Liz got to see the show. Her aunt lives just a couple blocks from where they are standing.

The show went from 2:30 to 5:30. After the show - Keith and Liz had an early supper and Lulu and I had a late one - together. We all walked to a pub about two blocks south of the Victoria Palace. Then we took a double decker bus home.

SPENCER is the number one Billy Elliot fan in the world. He sits in the front row and I got to sit next to him today. He lets me know when the good stuff is going to happen.

Every time I see Spencer at the show - I do a story on my blog about him. He says he carries my business card and the stories I have written in his bag to every show. He always introduces me as Harry - his friend from America. I am flattered.

This is the 4th summer in a row we saw Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace - what a fantastic show is was. The play has been running every night at 7:30 - and Wednesday and Thursday and Saturday at 2:30 PM. The theatre has been full every time we saw the show.

Keith was able to get us front row seats online. At every show we have seen our theatre buddy - Spencer. He goes to two shows every Wednesday and Thursday - for over 4 years. He carries a scrapbook with pictures of every kid that ever placed Billy. Today a young man from Seattle played Billy. I can't imagine a kid 12 years of age remembering 3 hours of dialog - singing - and dancing. The older I get - the more it amazes me.

We met Spencer on one of the first times we went to the show. He sits down front and is a celebrity of sorts. Everyone comes up to shake his hand. Today - he introduced us to many of the regulars. One guy - flies over every Thursday from Dublin. If you think that is weird - you should meet the guy at our pub. He comes there every day at 6 PM for 50 years!

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