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Monday, May 16, 2011

While Lulu Visited Poland Community School - I Visited Poland Spring

Lulu visited a school in Poland ME. To get there we had to go through Paris - London - and Oxford. Lulu has one school left to visit - in New Hampshire. She is wearing her official MASL vest.

Poland Spring is the top selling bottled water in the world. While I believe that the whole bottled water industry is a big con - it is fun to see how far these hucksters will go to fool people into buying their stuff.

Poland is a small town about 30 miles off I-95 in Maine. Someone discovered a spring on the mountain side and convinced people to come and bathe in the water. A resort hotel was developed on the site. It has been a summer tourist trap since 1845.

Nestles has purchased the rights to the name - Poland Spring. They sell water from many different springs under the same name. The locals are not happy about that. The legislature even attempted to pass a 20 cents per gallon tax on the water.

Today - there is a resort hotel at the site - but it was closed when I tried to visit. It opens on Memorial Day.

The Poland Spring Inn. Babe Ruth played golf here. Many presidents had vacationed here. It was closed while I visited.

This is the Maine State Building. It was constructed of Maine products and build for the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1892. It was then broken down and brought to Poland Spring filling 17 freight cars.

This is the Poland Spring. The building was part of the marketing scheme - glass and silver piping - granite and marble walls. Workers dipped the water in sterilized suits.

The Poland Spring was in this small building - putting out 8 gallons a minute. It has not changed its impurity concentration since 1845.

The is the Poland Spring Corporate Office.

The whole area is maintained by the Poland Spring Preservation Society - a local historic group.

The park was open but all the buildings were closed.

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