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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vision Tour in Norwalk CT hotels and Budget rental cars trademark Lulu's Vision Tour

This picture is fresher than the morning waffles. I just put Lulu in her car on the way to countdown school visit 5 - in the Vision Tour. Only 4 more school libraries to visit after today.

Lulu rides in on her white horse (in this case a Subrau) with the little "Vision Tour" sign on the side. With assembly - reception - evaluation - survey - the visit will last from 9AM to 1 PM. Then we pack our bags and cruise up I-95 to Waltham MA.

The Vision Tour was Lulu's brain child. She planned the tour to display outstanding school libraries in each state of the union. Fortunately or unfortunately - only 35 states offered a candidate for the tour. The tour has saved many school library positions from the legislative ax.

As the tour winds down - it is giving me a feeling of relief. I am so surprised that she was able to visit every school - on time - no delays - no postponements. The method of operation always included arriving in a hotel near the school the night before. Then a morning assembly and reception with the local dignitaries to present the award. Finally - there was a long drive to the next location - and another strange hotel bed. My feelings of relief are bookended by Lulu's melancholy that the tour is almost over. She really loves promoting school libraries.

The tour will officially end when we drive to New Orleans in June for the ALA Convention. Lulu will present a multi-media extravaganza ------ and then she is off to the FSU London Campus where she will teach her media class to future school librarians. Here we go again.

Click on Norwalk in Headline to see full Vision Tour.

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