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Friday, May 13, 2011

Shirley Wiegand Retires - Again - From Teaching Law

At the party - Joel - Dennis - Scott - Barbara - Don - Chuck - Wayne - David - Stephanie - Pat - George - Ann - Rhonda - Vicky - and SHIRLEY. Harry took the picture - Nancy arrived from Buffalo later. Picture taken on the Wiegand porch.

On Saturday we celebrated another rite of passage as our neighbor - Shirley Wiegand retired from teaching. Shirley has taught law at the University of Oklahoma - the University of Kentucky - the University of Wisconsin - Marquette University - and Florida A&M University. Every time her husband Wayne took a different job - Shirley would give up a very successful career position to stand by her man. She gives the term "trailing spouse" a new meaning.

Add the University of Arizona and Queensland University in Brisbane. Also a year at Stetson University. I am going to apply to the Guiness Book of World Records to see if Shirl holds the record.

Now both Wayne and Shirley are officially retired and living on Old Fort Drive in Tallahassee FL - yes - that is the correct spelling.

Two highlights of the party were a video from - Anita Hill - Shirley's office mate at Oklahoma and Shirley playing "Old Kentucky Home" before the running of the Kentucky Derby.

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