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Friday, May 13, 2011

Lexington MA - the Revolutionary War Started Here

For years I was the King of Field Trips at Panther Valley. Some of my best times were shepherding kids from Maine to Florida. I miss those times. These kids were lined up where the Minutemen stood when the Revolution began.

"Don't fire unless fired upon."

Lexington Battle Green is very green.

Minuteman statue on Lexington Green.

I had the park mostly to myself - you can see my white car in this picture.

While Lulu was visiting an elementary school library in Waltham MA - I drove up the road 5 miles to visit Lexington. Paul Revere rode ahead to tell the locals that the British were coming. A group of Minutemen - collected on the green and waited. They stood their ground - the British fired and the rebels held them off.

The British were coming inland to burn a cache of weapons near the bridge at Concord.

It was April 17, 1775 - and the American Revolutionary War began. It took 6 years until the Red Coats finally surrendered in Yorktown, Virginia.

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