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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It is Tuesday - So This Must Be Vermont

Our hotel within sight of the Capitol. Our rental subaru 4WD for the week. iPhone picture.

After 3 planes - 35 miles of driving - and 10 hours from home - we are in Montpelier Vermont for the night. This town is smaller than Tamaqua - but has a really nice quaint downtown. The locals are taking us to dinner about a block down the main street.

Lulu visits U-32 Middle and High School tomorrow. There is a name for you.

We will visit 6 schools in 6 states in 6 days. That will be the end of the Vision Tour.

We will also get to see Drew- Robin - Jack - and Kate in Providence for the weekend.

The temperature here is about 65 - it was sunny but now it is overcast and there is a breeze.

The hotel is called The Inn at Montpelier. We are in Room 1. It has a fireplace - a king size canopy bed - an strictly colonial decorations. They hide the TV in a box :-)

The winter wheat is green and the trees are budding. I hope we do not have to use the 4WD on this car.

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