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Sunday, May 08, 2011

I Visited This Trailer That Had Not Been Moved in 20 Years

A lady's husband died. She put her first ad on Craigslist - "11 foot fiberglass trailer - $200." No pictures.

Since Lulu and I had a similar trailer back in 1977 when we made a round trip to San Francisco in it - we just had to go to see it. Although she lives just a few blocks from us - the trailer was on Lake Talquin - about 20 miles away. We followed her to her cabin - surround by many of her husband's old toys.

The trailer was in the bush - completely over grown. I was able to pull it out in the open with my truck. Bear in mind that we paid $2400 for a similar trailer in 1977. Similar trailers today run $5000 to $15,000.

The trailer would have to be completely gutted - but the fiberglass shell is perfect - no dents or cracks. It was used as a guest house - so there was not much stress on it. It would have to be gutted - probably would have to have a new floor put in. Also a paint job inside and out. The tires were rotted all the way thru. The odor of mildew was almost unbearable. Nothing that a little chlorine and a pressure washer could not cure.

Funny part - after all that work getting it out of the woods - and I offered more than her asking price - she had promised another man first dibbs for tomorrow. You win some and lose some.

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