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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Greetings from Beautiful Meredith - NEW HAMPSHIRE - Site of the New Hampshire Association of School Librarians Convention

Meredith is centrally located in New Hampshire on the state's biggest lake.

The town and our hotel sit on an isthmus between two lakes with a waterfall going right through the hotel.

This is the Mill Falls and the Mill Falls Inn. Water drops about 40 feet from Lake Waukewan to Lake Winnipesaukee.

We are spending 3 days in downtown Meredith NH - a small village of 6000 on an isthmus of land between Lake Waukewan and Lake Winnipesaukee. Since the topography is the product of glacial activity - one lake is about 40 feet higher than the other. In the early 1800s - the land owner built a small canal between the lakes and developed a very concentrated water fall - similar to Niagara Falls but much smaller. Just like Lake Erie is emptying into Lake Ontario - Lake Waukewan is emptying into Lake Winnipesaukee.

I never heard of a library convention selling out before - but the NHASL fest sold out! I tease Lulu that it is because she is the keynote speaker and the masses are huddled together to hear about the Vision Tour. Thursday - the Vision Tour ends at Mastricola Elementary School in East Merrimack NH. The tour started in Alabama in September and wound its way through 35 different states including Hawaii. It is now sprinting thru 6 New England states to the finish line Thursday.

Meredith built up around the mill and falls between the lakes. When the value of water power waned - the value of the tourist dollar boomed. "The season" does not start for a couple weeks - when I am guessing this cute quiant New England Village turns into a snarling tourist mecca with not enough parking spaces to handle the masses.

It has everything - two pristinely clear lakes - a large city dock - a scenic railroad - and even a paddle wheel boat to tour the lake and get panoramic photos of Mount Washington. In the fall - the leaves are spectacular - in the winter the skiing is great - but the summer weather in the mountains is the main attraction.

They have build a giant hotel right over the Mill Falls. It does provide quite a roar which is an excellent background for the shops and encourages the dollars to flow. I am glad we are here in the middle of May - we did not have to put with with any major snowstorms nor any lines of tourist traffic. They could not have picked a nicer place for the convention. 200 librarian are here for the event. I simply love our hotel room.

What is not to like? French doors onto a wooden porch and the waves lapping about 40 week away. The gas fireplace blazes at the flip of a switch and it really heats the room thanks to a glass door and radiation vents. The flat TV hides behind shutters above the fireplace - to the delight of every egghead. The king size bed requires a foot stool to enter - provides a spectacular moonlight view of the lake to lull you to sleep. Also - free wifi - free breakfast - free parking. :-)

Thursday - the end of the Vision Tour.

Lake Winnipesaukee - the largest lake in New Hampshire.

Lake view from our hotel room.

The grass is always greener in the other state.

Scenic train rides along the lake shore.

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