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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Morning from the Capitol of Vermont

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Maine - Augusta -- New Hampshire - Concord -- Vermont - Montpellier ---so went the memorization in my grade school geography class. We always started up here in the NE corner so I remember them best.

It is 9AM Wednesday morning. It is about 60 degrees and sunny. I am sitting on the porch here on State Street. The cars make a really scratchy sound going by - they studded tires giving away the fact that the weather is not always this nice. Kids are pushing the season with shorts and the blossoms are on the trees.

Lulu will be done around noon - then we have a 5 hour drive to Connecticut.

Vermont is French for Green Mountain. They only have 600,000 but they are very proud of this place.

I was surprised this morning when Lulu said she is going to miss the Vision Tour after it is over this week. She has worked so hard producing this thing - then all the driving - hotels - flights - meeting people - speaking engagements. I have seen her grow into quite the ambassador.

Last week she was named an honorary member if the Nebraska Navy. Today - the governor is at the school to meet her.

It was fun being just a little part of it.

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