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Friday, May 13, 2011

Concord MA - They Fired the Shot Heard Round the World

The west side of Concord Bridge along American lines.

They fired the shot heard round the world.

April 17, 1775 - score Brits 2 - Rebels 0.

A replica of the original bridge.

The rebels had a barn full of weapons and powder just beyond the west end of this bridge. Paul Revere rode ahead to let them know the British were coming - their mission was to burn down that barn. The rebels lined up on one side of the bridge and the Red Coats were on the other side. They exchanged formal fire here - eventually the rebels broke ranks. The Brits accomplished their goal and the war was on. As the British returned to Boston - the Americans discovered they could be more effective by hiding behind trees and taking pot shots at the retreating troops. The American Guerilla was born.

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