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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Sportworks Electric Vehicle

Fold down windshield - removable hard top.

Brake - accelerator - emergency brake - forward/reverse switch - turn signals - headlights - seat belts.

It was so new it still had the sales tags on it.

That is the blue electric motor. The bed on the back dumps.

Steel frame - shock absorbers - plastic body parts.

Tonight - my friend Manny and I drove this American Sportworks LSV-48V. It is a Low Speed Vehicle - can be registered and driven on roads with speed limit of 35 mph. This vehicle barely goes 20 miles per hour - for 38 miles supposedly. It has seats belts - lights - turn signals - etc - so it can licensed.

The guy bought it new in December of 2009. It has 6 - 8 volt Trojan batteries. Supposedly the vehicle has less than 50 miles on it. There is no odometer.

The guy had a bill showing that he paid $6500 with sales tax. He is asking $4500.

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