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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday - Monday - Can't Trust That Day

At the Tallahassee Airport - their bags are a bit heavier - but Dolores Betty and Georgeann made it safely home thanks to Jimmy hauling them over the Blue Mountain to embed them back in the Valley

If you have been reading my web page - you know that Mondays are my favorite days. Usually after a busy weekend - everyone goes back to work leaving my nice quiet world intact. You can imagine how quiet my Monday seemed after spending 8 days with the four "Morgan Girls."

Monday will never be the same. Lulu put her Mom - her Aunt - and her Cousin on the plane and now they are back to being Pennsylvania Coal Crackers. They went from temperatures in the 70s back to temperatures in the 30s. From sweaters and encounters with Gators and Manatees - to overcoats on cindered roads and paying high oil heating bills.

While in Tallahassee - they went to the beach at Alligator Point - enjoyed the Jungle Cruise at Wakulla Springs - and wandered through the halls of the Florida History Museum. But they seemed to enjoy the endless shopping and doing lunch all over the city the most.

Dolores had her first plane ride - and now is a seasoned flight specialist. She has even threatened visiting London. For Betty - a visit to a casino would have made it a perfect trip. Georgeann would not settle for anything except a set of keys to our brick house down the street. For me - the whole thing was worth it to see Lulu showing off her new home - her success at FSU - and showing the new city she loves to people she loves.

Now I am home alone for a week. Lulu is off to Minnesota - Iowa - and Wisconsin - visiting school libraries and presenting at conventions.

My job is to stage our present home for a tough real estate market. We will not start building the new home until this one is sold. That could take years. When it sells - we will move into the brick house and watch our new home rise on the lot next to it. With 5 homes on our street for sale - I have a feeling this will take years. Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

Wakulla Springs Lodge - overlooking the 400,000 gallon a minute spring that creates the Wakulla River. People were swimming with the alligators in the 70 degree water.

This manatee or sea cow nuzzled up to our boat enjoying the warm water in winter

Dolores thought this alligator was fake - before it attempted to pull her out of the boat

After lunch in Wakulla Springs Lodge - a visit to "Old Joe" was appropriate

After a jet and boat ride - 80 year old Dolores wanted driving lessons in Lulu's convertible. Betty is showing her pleasure with that idea.

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