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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Florida State Ends With a "10 Win" Season - 10 Wins Not the Yard Stick It Used to Be

10 wins out of 14 games is a lot easier than 10 out of 12.

People are already starting to compare the "new Seminoles" with the "old Seminoles" because they had a 10 win season by winning their bowl game. We are all excited and happy that the team finished with a good record. But you may re-call - FSU had 14 years in a row of 10 wins or more under Bobby Bowden - and in those years - FSU only played 12 games.

Now - the NCAA added an extra game to the regular schedules so each major team could schedule another cupcake. Also - FSU joined the Atlantic Coast Conference which can add another playoff game.

The NCAA has designated Florida State's 14 year run of winning at least 10 games a season and finishing in the Top 4 every year - a dynasty.

With the new rule of only allowing a team to have 85 scholarship players at one time - this will make it even harder to have FSU run another 14 seasons of 10 wins - even with the two extra games.