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Thursday, January 06, 2011

7 Days in San Diego- Sunny - Mild - Dry Air

I am writing from San Diego. There is an ALA convention here - I am spending 6 nights in the Gaslight District of this beautiful city. It was 70 yesterday - sunny - but when I got in the shade - the breeze was too cold for my North Florida sandals - short sleeves - and no socks. Today - I am prepared with a sweater and long sleeves.

We left our home in Tallahassee at 5AM. We were upgrade to first class out of Tallahassee. I must do a while article about the perks of Delta's Gold Medallion. It is all very silly - I can't imagine people paying extra for this stuff. Our plane from Atlanta to Sand diego was delayed about 45 minutes. We sat in the plane while they claimed they had to move some luggage from the rear of the plane to the front. Someone must have written a book called airline excuses because they have a tons of them.

The Residence Inn has 13 floors - but the elevator does not have a "13" button. We are on floor 12 - next floor is 14. More and more elevators will not move without you putting your room key in them. I'll bet that keeps gawkers - like me - from roaming around the hotels. There is a big gas fireplace in the lobby.

I had a seat on the aisle and I must be getting jaded because this is the first time I crossed the country without having my nose pressed to the window. I watched the movie "Social Network" and before we knew it - we were clipping the hills of San Diego trying to hit the little runway virtually downtown.

A quick cab to out Residence Inn Suites in the Gaslight District - and we were ready to look around. Old Town seemed like a nice place to eat. We have a favorite restaurant there that has two ladies in the front window rolling taco shells all day. After that - Lulu had a meeting to rush to - I took the trolley back to our hotel.

To me - a good hotel has to have few things. First - I want a free wireless connection that is transparent. Second - I want a dazzling breakfast buffet included in the admission. Third - it is close to tons of stuff within walking distance. For the next 6 days - this place is going to be perfect.

I forgot my passport - so even though the trolley that goes past our hotel goes all the way to the border - I won't be taking it. I like going to Tijuana to buy drugs - not the illegal kind - but this time I will have to settle for CVS.

I guess I will have to suffer through 6 days of sunny dry air without drugs - like Amoxil - and adventures south of the border.