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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Releases New Miniature Laptop - the MacBook Air

Yesterday Apple introduced their smallest laptop ever - the MacBook Air - with an 11 inch screen. It comes in two screen sizes - but the 13 and 11 - but the smaller one is the one that interests me.

The case is machined from one solid piece of aluminum. The screen and touchpad are made of glass. It retains many of the old great features like the magnetic cord and magnetic clasp. They have eliminated the mechanical hard drive for storage and replaced it with flash memory - everything is stored on a solid state chip. This has increased the battery life to 5 hours and standby time to 30 days. There is no warm-up time to start - you open it and it is ready to go.

It has a full size keyboard and the touch pad is huge. It weighs under 3 pounds.

Prices range from $1000 to $1600 - depending on the screen size - flash storage size - and processor speed size.

The configuration I am interested in is the 11 inch screen - 64 gigabytes of storage - $999. They are available at Apple stores right now - yesterday our Best Buy did not have any displayed.

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