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Monday, September 13, 2010

Vison Tour Day 1 - Tallahassee to Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa ALABAMA - After 8 hours on the road we are settled into our hotel for the night. The Vision Tour has begun. During the next year - Lulu plans to visit a top school library in every state - to draw attention to outstanding examples of what a school library should be. Tomorrow Lulu will visit Paul "Bear" Bryant High School in the heart of Crimson Tide territory.

Lulu is a "rebel in her own mind" at the White House of the Confederacy.

April 12, 1865 - we raised the stars and stripes over this capitol - two days later Lincon was shot.

In this House chamber they signed the articles of confederacy.

Governor George Wallace stood - like Harry - in the doorway to prevent blacks from entering the University of Alabama. I wonder how their football team would do now if he succeeded.

This pine tree was planted from seeds that went to the moon.

The first capitol of the confederacy in Montgomery - later they moved to Richmond.

"Check it out - check it out - check it out" .... at the library!

Alabama is the first state alphabetically - and the first Vision Tour state.

We left home around 9 this morning in Tallahassee - heading west toward Dothan. After that it was north to Montgomery - the cradle of the Confederacy. Finally we pulled into Tuscaloosa at 5 after a long two lane highway through cotton and peanut fields.

In Montgomery we stopped to tour the Capitol where the articles of the confederacy were signed. We were also the only visitors in the Confederate White House - the home of Jefferson Davis during the Civil War.

By this time next year - I will be sick of looking at hotels but I doubt that Lulu will be sick of looking at school libraries.

Next week - we will be visiting a school library in Hawaii! We will be stopping there on the way to Australia where Lulu willbe the keynote speaker for the IASL Convention in Brisbane. And I will carry her bags.