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Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuesday Morning We Fly to Hawaii - Australia - New Zealand - First Time to Cross Equator

Early tomorrow morning - Lulu and I will be taking a big journey. Our main destination is Australia - but we will see a lot more on the way over and back.

Like every other traveler that flies from Tallahassee - first we go to Atlanta. Then we go straight to Honollulu. This is a 10 hour flight. Lulu used to teach summer classes at the University of Hawaii and this is a homecoming of sorts for her. She will be visiting the top school library in Hawaii for AASL - and the people there know how to throw a celebration. We will spend 5 days in Waikiki - three of those days will be occupied by Lulu's library visits.

Next we fly 10 more hours to Brisbane Australia. While Lulu is the keynote speaker at the IASL Convention (International Association of School Librarians) - I will be spending most of my time touring in and out of Brisbane.

Finally - we will fly to New Zealand for 5 days of free touring. Lulu and I will take a rented car around the south island. We plan to spend our time touring the sites and just walking into hotels and restaurants. They drive on the left side of the road over there - so this will be a new adventure for me. It is springtime down under - like our March.

This trip home is a long one - with a 17 hour flight! I just came back from the pharmacy where they fitted us up with support hose for the long periods of sitting. We also bought sweat pants for the long flights

Some of you may re-call that I was an Earth Science teacher. I also have a degree in Geography. That being said - it has taken me until my 62nd year to finally cross the equator. I first remember hearing about the equator when my third grade teacher talked about "an imaginary LION running around the center of the earth." I envisioned that lion walking on water as it circled the globe.

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Wish us luck and make comments from time to time.