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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tearing Down Two Brick Buildings

We bought the brick house and lot at 1816 Seminole Drive with the intention of tearing the house down and building a new one. But when we inspected the brick house - it was in too good of shape to destroy. There is enough land for 8 houses - the city said - so we decided to keep the brick house standing. We would build the new house on a different portion of the lot.

We decided to build a workshop/garage/storage building. The city said that "outbuildings" can only add up to 30% of the footprint of the house. Since the current house is 2100 feet - we can only put up 700 feet of outbuildings. So the two brick outbuildings from 1954 had to go. One was a summer kitchen - the other was a carport and storage.

Today - we started tearing them down and hauling them away. We should be able to finish tomorrow. We plan to leave the concrete pads for patios - etc.

Next - we will build the 24 x 26 - workshop/garage/storage building. It will have two large garage doors on it. It will be pushed back into the northwest corner of the lot. The city requires you to stay 10 feet from your property lines. One of the current buildings was 4 feet from the north line.

Lulu is just happy to see the two "brick sheds" gone. To her - they were eyesores and would obstruct views from her new pool. To me - they make room for an even bigger "man cave."

Any body need some bricks? I am too lazy to put them on Craigslist.