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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paul Bear Bryant Museum on Campus in Tuscaloosa

I love to tease my "Penn State Buddies" back home in Pennsylvania. Just when they were ready to tease me about FSU getting hammered by Oklahoma - they get beaten badly by Alabama.

Tuesday we visited the Bear Bryant museum on the UA campus. Right now Alabama is riding the crest of a wave that the Seminole rode during the 1990's. Everybody is wearing crimson and all the cars have flags on. I remember the feeling.

Vanity license plates

I found the signature of one of my students in the guest book - Kevin Szczecina.
His dad Jim taught with me and was president of the Penn State Club long ago.

Bear Bryant doll.

One of Bear's big victories over the Nittany Lions.

Some of Bear's bowl trophies including the Sugar Bowl victory over PSU. That was the one where PSU had the ball first down on the four yard line - and Joe Paterno called the same running play four times in a row - without success. We call that "hunkie logic" in Pennsylvania.