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Friday, April 16, 2010

Cherry Blossoms were Gone But Had a Perfect Day in Washington

Not a cloud in the high blue sky and 75 degrees hosted a perfect day in Washington. 

Lulu has to make a presentation to a subcommittee Friday - so we had a day of leisure to spend in our nation's capital. We started our experience with an all-day pass for the Metro. Our hotel in Ballston VA was on the orange line - so in minutes we were at the Smithsonian Metro Stop. 

Lulu wanted to see the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin so we walked there to find the blossoms on the ground - we were too late. But we did stumble on the delightful "Tulip Library." Lulu collects pictures visiting every library she can - and this was no exception.

We told Keith we would get lunch and meet him by the Capitol for a picnic. It was 1.5 miles away - but the day was beautiful and the walk level. We skirted the Washington Monument and saw the Tea Baggers getting ready for their April 15th Tax Day Rally. After a stop for goodies - we met with Keith near the Capitol - his office is just a few blocks north from there.

After an hour of catching up with Keith - we started some "serious" touring. First - the Supreme Court - then the Library of Congress. The president of the American Library Association met with us and gave us a small tour. I got a chance to get a picture of the two presidents together - ALA and AASL - a rare shot.

There is a tunnel connecting the Library of Congress with the Capitol that took us to the new Capitol Visitors Center. This center is a nice place to visit even if you do not have time to visit the House and Senate and the rest of this 9/11 Bin Laden target.

After a visit to the Botanical Garden - just down Capitol Hill - it was already time for supper with Keith and Liz at a Belgian restaurant on K Street. We all met there had a wonderful supper. After that - Nancy and Liz headed home - and Keith and I returned to the Washington Monument to see the TeaBag Rally.

I must say I was disappointed at the Rally - I expected a more unruly crowd - and actually have seen high school pep rallies with more excitement. There were maybe 15,000 people holding the same, "Take Our Country Back" posters and "Don't Tread on Me" flags. Dick Armey and a few other speakers and singers harped on the same theme - "TOCB" - and "Get rid of Obama."  

It was an all white crowd - not only in race - but in hair color. Most of the folks seemed to be concerned with the socialists keeping away from their social security and medicare - ironic huh? I must say I was ashamed of the greediness of my peers. They all looked healthy and well-fed. They were wealthy enough to be paying the expensive prices they were being charged by vendors hawking the hateful flags - signs - and tee shirts. Sarah Palin has already made $15 million from these folks and many more will get wealthy on this latest fad - racism and greediness with a new name. They seems to be in favor of cutting everything except war - social security - medicare - and cowboy hat sales.

Aside - I am proud of Florida Governor Charlie Crist of veto that horrible "anti-teacher" bill today. 

Rant over - what a beautiful day touring my nation's capitol with my son and remember all the good times I had there as a teacher on field trips. Next stop - State College Pennsylvania and the PSLA convention - then a couples days in the old hometown of Tamaqua PA. Who says you can never go home again?

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