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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jean Freed - Lulu's Good Buddy From Back Home is Here

Jean Freed - Lulu's former swim coach - gym teacher - play group mother - fellow teacher - good friend - just arrived from up North. After 6 years of threatening to visit - she finally bought a ticket - and here she is.

Jean retired from teaching almost two years ago. When Lulu was a teacher at Tamaqua High School - they used to get together for hot tub sessions. The entire neighborhood used to look forward to those sessions when the wine swiggling professors would have to speak loudly over the noisy hot tub bubbles. Neighbors loved hearing the "high school news" first hand.

Jean's husband died a few years back of leukemia. They met when they were both physical education teachers at THS. Their two daughters - Jamie and Jodie - were about the same age as our two sons. Like Lulu - Jean is also a grandmother.

For the next week or so - we will give Jean the grand tour - but the evenings are reserved for the two of them in our heated pool. That's right - Jean is the first guest we stoked up the pool heater for. In 24 hours - it went from 55º to 80º and the gas meter is spinning and spinning and spinning. Money well spent for the neighbors to catch up on the Tamaqua news.

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