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Monday, March 15, 2010

Neat New ATM Machine at the Wachovia Bank That Scans Checks

Ever since we started doing our banking on the computer - we seldom have to visit our bank. Usually the only time I got there is to deposit checks.

Our federal income tax check arrived this week - so I rushed to the bank to deposit it. I could not find the deposit envelopes - I looked all over the place. Then I read the message on the machine. It said, "No more envelopes needed."

Then I noticed that it was a new machine - with a bigger and brighter screen. I inserted my bank card - them noticed a slot to slip the checks in one by one. As I slipped the checks into the machine - a scanned copy appeared on the screen. The computer automatically added up the check amounts.

Finally - when I pressed the exit button - the ATM printed a receipt with a scanned copy of all of the checks on it.

The whole process made me smile - no more envelopes - no more filling out deposit slips - no adding up checks - and a scanned copy of the checks for your file.

Yes - the account number is removed from the scanned copy.

PS - Son Drew just emailed me to say he has been doing this for 2 years with Bank of America and HSBC. I feel like George Bush when he saw his first grocery scanner --- 20 years after it was invented.

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