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Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Six - Cozumel and Tulum - Mexico

Our cruise is winding down now - we are back on board after our last shore visit. Today we spent most of the day going to Tulum on the mainland. The trip to this ancient Mayan city from 800 AD took longer to get there and back than we spent in "the walled city on the sea."

First - a jet boat ride from Cozumel to the mainland - then a bus to Tulum - then a short tram ride to the gate. I will post pictures later of the ruins. It was very hot - over 95 - and the sun was directly overhead. Thank goodness we had a breeze or we would have melted. We were back in Cozumel by 4 PM - and we shopped a little - now we are dressing for 6 PM dinner. We got some sun - but we were lathered up and aren't burnt.

I hope I can send this message because the wifi on the ship is not dependable.

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