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Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Do Grayheads in Florida Do For Spring Break? - Take a Cruise to Haiti

Our cruise will circle Cuba.

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For the first 55 years of my life - I always told people I hated cruises - although I never went on one. I was used to driving a tour bus and did not want to go anywhere that I could not drive. Dale Kline back home once said, "Harry will never go to Hawaii because you can't drive there." For my retirement in 2003 - Lulu surprised me with a last minute cruise. We went from New Orleans to Key West and Mexico. We had a blast.

It is only 42 degrees in Tallahassee as I type this  - Keith and Drew are getting pelted with blizzards up north. This all led us to dreaming about some tropical island beach with hot sun and warm sand.  Before we knew it - we landed a one week cruise.

We will be going to Haiti - Jamaica - Cayman Islands - and Mexico. The ship lands at each port in the morning - and departs that evening. All nights will be spend on the ship - all meals are included with the fare.

We will be sailing on "Freedom of the Seas" on the Royal Caribbean Line. Until 2009 - it was the biggest ship in the world. This will be our third cruise. So far we have visited the Bahamas - Cayman Islands - Aruba - Puerto Rico - a few places in Mexico - and Key West. This is our first time to "Haiti" although - we will be nowhere near the earthquake action there. Royal Caribbean owns a small enclave on the north coast called Labadee. They bribe the Haitian government to leave them alone. It is isolated on a peninsula by a mountain range and private security force - we won't be doing any kidnapping there. :-)

The last time we were in the Cayman Islands - Lulu insisted we swim with the stingrays. A few weeks later - that crocodile hunter guy was killed by a sting ray - ending my swims with those critters forever. Travel brochures now downplay that activity.

While in Mexico we plan to visit Tulum with its famous Mayan ruins that date back to 1200 AD - way before Columbus landed in America.

Our ship will depart and return from Port Canaveral - near the Kennedy Space Center - Sunday to Sunday.  I hope Fidel doesn't get mad as we completely circle Cuba. Someday ask me about the time Lulu and I sneaked into Cuba.

Lulu and I on our 2003 cruise - note our ship and bikes - and my big belly. 

"Freedom of the Seas" - biggest ship in the world until 2009.

Inside promenade on "Freedom of the Seas"

Lulu swimming with the stingrays at the Cayman Islands

Cruise is 3/7.

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