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Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking Fred and Manny to a Girls Basketball Game

Cellphone Video of Golden Girls

Last night Lulu was at a conference in Washington and our friends George and Joel were in Reno at a workshop. So I was left with four tickets to see the FSU girls play Virginia Tech. Our girls team's record is 9-2 in second place in the top conference the ACC. The crowds have been getting better and better and I am afraid that ticket prices in the future will be getting better and better.

Called two of my neighbors - Manny and Fred - to see if they wanted to see a game. I assured them that I had tickets - and that I would pick them up 15 minutes before game time. At 6:45 - they were all ready and eager to see the game. Over and over they kept thanking me for the "very valuable" tickets.

FSU sells season tickets to people 55 and older for $15 for a season! That is a total of 16 games - do the math - less than a dollar a game. Tickets for the boys' games are $28 per game per ticket.

We parked in the faculty parking lot - another perk when Lulu is away - I can grab her parking gate pass. We arrived about 5 minutes before tip off - when we entered the arena it was blacked out for the introductions. This was big time basketball - and we stumbled in the dark down a long flight of steps to the front row. Little did Fred and Manny know - that for FSU girls' games - you can sit in any empty seat. I went right to the VIP box - and no one complained as the three "grayheads" took the prime seats right behind press row.

As our butts hit the seats - the game tipped off. FSU played a great game and won by 15. Manny and Fred enjoyed the crowd - the band - the action - but most of all they enjoyed what is in the video above.

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