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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

PPL Park - New Soccer Stadium in Chester Along the Delaware River for the Philadelphia Union

Call me old school - but I did not know that Pennsylvania even had a professional soccer team. Now they are getting a big league stadium.

PPL - our old power company back home in Pennsylvania - has decided to pay $20 million for the naming rights of the stadium for 10 years. The team called the Union starts their season on April 10th - but the stadium may not be done in time. They would play their games at the Phillies baseball stadium nearby - God knows its official name.

Pennsylvania residents are upset that a public utility is spending money for publicity. An electric rate cap has recently been removed from the company and home electric bills are set to rise by 30%. When I was a kid - the company was called Pennsylvania Power and Light Company with its main office in downtown Allentown. They changed they name to PPL now - and to further complicate the situation - a branch called PPL Plus is attempting to sell power in the Philadelphia area in competition with PECO (figure that one out yourself).

The stadium will be next to the Commodore Perry Bridge which crosses the Delaware River on the way to New Jersey - just a few miles south of the Philadelphia  Airport.

I am looking forward to singing on the banks of the Delaware - that's what soccer crowds do in England.

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