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Monday, February 08, 2010

FSU Vacates 12 Football Wins, Track National Championship

Picture - Feds march captured Chief Osceola in shame through Saint Augustine to prison at Castillo de San Marcos - captured under a white flag.

Chief Osceola - the leader of the Seminole Indians was captured under the cover of a white flag during a meeting with the US Army. He was told that they would negotiate a truce for his people. Then they captured him and imprisoned him in the fortress at Saint Augustine where he died.

When FSU's athletic department found out that a tutor was using a previous final exam to help students study for a music course - they put up a white flag and turned themselves into the NCAA. The NCAA praised the Noles for turning themselves in and later passed down the harshest penalty possible - one step below the death penalty given to Southern Methodist University.

With those vacations now official, recently retired head football coach Bobby Bowden will finish his career with 377 wins — still second all-time to Penn State's Joe Paterno.

The Florida State football team lost five victories from the 2006 season (including the Emerald Bowl victory over UCLA) and seven more from the 2007 season.

The men's track team, which won three straight national championships from 2006 to 2008, will give up one of the titles.

Bill Clinton said it best, "Deny, deny, deny."

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