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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Morning After Noles Loss in Boston

It is sad to see Bobby Bowden's career end like this. It is the first time in 30 years his team has a losing 2-3 record. The team fought back from being 18 points down to tie the game.

Regardless the score or weather - it was a wonderful weekend for us. Rain couldn't dampen the day for my family in our matching rainsuits sitting on the 40 yard line in our $10 seats cheering on the Noles - like old times.

Boston College has a compact small stadium right in the middle of campus. Most of the 45,000 fans walk to the game as we did. There is no parking on the town streets - so we walked two miles to our car. The newspaper back home is calling for Bobby to retire. As Patton once said, "All glory is fleeting."

To me - success is gathering all 6 Everharts in one place - and just enjoying the moment.

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