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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lucky Noles Win 19-9 in the Pouring Rain

We left our house at 5 PM. We decided to take the truck because we already had some heavy rain and the skies were black. The crowd was light - we parked near our regular tailgate spot - everything was quiet. By 5:20 - we had walked to our favorite ticket begging spot. Tons of tickets were for sale. We were turning down tickets on the 40 yard line for $5. Finally - we landed a pair on the 50 - for $5 each.

By 5:30 we were sitting in the stands watching the festivities and remarking how empty the stadium was. At kickoff I am guessing there were 40,000 in the seats - in a stadium that holds 85,000. Then it started to pour. Luckily we brought raincoats - ponchos - and a bag of drinks and food. Lulu even had paper towels packed to wipe off our seats.

At halftime Lulu went to the bathroom and her iphone dropped out of the raincoat pocket. By the time she traced her steps - someone said they saw two guys find her phone and take off.

In the second half the rain slowed down but Jacksonville State didn't. They took a 9-7 lead and it lasted forever. With 2 minutes to go we were losing 9-7. Then like lightning - FSU score two touchdowns and the gun went off with FSU up by 10 - but the game was never that far apart. In fact - with one or two breaks - we would be coming home with long faces.

We walked back to the truck - pulled out at 9:30 - and were home by 9:40. Noles fans were quiet - feeling very lucky to get out of there alive. For a while - it looked like an 0-11 season was possible. JSU was supposed to be a cupcake - Division I-AA school. Things are not good at Florida State. Fans no longer have Jeff Bowden to blame for the poor offense - and the defense looks even worse.

Next Saturday we have to go to Utah to play a top 10 team that beat Oklahoma - Brigham Young University - in their territory. They have a really strong passing game - and a bunch of big lineman - just back from doing their missionary work.

This week was ugly - one wonders what next week will be like.

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