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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Winnipeg - VIP Tour With Gerald Brown - Former Library Professor at the University of Manitoba

That is a sleigh slide. It goes up about 30 feet and kids go
flying out over the lake. 

From 10 AM to 5 PM - we were hosted by Gerald Brown. He took us on a VIP tour of his lovely hometown - Winnipeg.  We went to parks - churches - neighborhoods - and libraries. Winnipeggers are very proud of their town. 

One museum had a bunch of beautifully stuffed
Canadian animals.

We explored a prairie dog colony.

This was a sod house - very common on the prairie. 

More animals.
Lunch at the restaurant in the park. very nice. Very good food. 

Local gardens.

Sundial in the gardens.

Memorial to Queen Victoria
Local sculptor - Lee Mol - did all the statues.

More gardens and more sculptures.

Garnet and gold FSU flowers

One room school turned into sculptors studio.

Gardens in the marsh

This is an all cedar teepee church.

Swedish Catholic Church

All wooden church including cross stations
This church all the wood and roof burned

They built a modern church inside the old frame

The old church became a beautiful porch and place
for concerts - weddings - parties

One more prairie dog 

Winnipeg - Human Rights Museum - Train Station - Prairie 360 Restaurant

Visiting the Human rights Museum

We are enjoying touring around this beautiful Canadian city. It has been sunny with temperatures around 80. Tomorrow we will leave the city for the weekend - to tour out in the country and also visit Minnesota and North Dakota. 

Many of these pictures were taken from the top of the Human Rights Museum and the Prairie360 Restaurant. It was a beautiful clear day. It took us an hour to visit our meal - and the restaurant makes one full turn in an hour. You can hardly notice it moving. 

Union Station - halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific
Many people went off to WWI and WWII from this station.

Human Rights Museum

Park and charge your car here

Bridges across the Red River
Juliann in the tower of the Human Rights Museum
Pretty views from the Tower
Tower of Hope
To the dignity of all - born free
Looks like Kaiser Wilhelm helmet
Buffaloes in the province capitol
Top hotel in town
AA Baseball at Shaw Park
From the Prairie360 
Hot air balloon over stadium and river
Caryatids on Fort Garry Place

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Winnipeg Manitoba - A Beautiful Friendly Summer City

They call it the Legislative Building -
not the Capitol - for the
Province of Manitoba

The plaque honors Americans
who came north during the
Revolutionary War
We are in Winnipeg because Lulu is conducting a workshop at the University of Manitoba. Today at noon she will be done - and we will have 6 days to enjoy a section of Canada we have never visited. We will also drive down into North Dakota and Minnesota. 

The 700,000 people of Winnipeg have a beautiful city they are very proud of - and should be. they are very tolerant of immigrant - they are welcomed with open arms. It started back in 1776 - when they welcomed the Tories from America that refused to rebel against the king. There is a large population of Asians and Latinos. 

They have new plastic money. It is transparent and hard to fake. It also lasts over 20 times as long as paper money. It is easy to identify - the 5s - 10s - 20s - 50s - are each a different color. They have different people on them - the Queen is on the 20. I was able to buy a chip for my iPhone for $8 US total for 1 GB of data. Mainly I got it so cheaply because there was a $30 rebate for new customers. I can use the phone for a month or until 1 GB runs out. I used 2% the first day - mainly for email and maps. 

Downtown is 3 miles north of our hotel. I drove downtown and walked all over. It is a simple grid and easy to find your way around. You can tell winter is cold. Fire hydrants are marked by high red poles. the bus stops are completely enclosed in glass. There is glass enclosed high sidewalk habit-trails. 

I took a lot of pictures with my iPhone. I was amazed at how clean and well kept the public buildings are. They are old but very up to date. 

Portage place a downtown mall
Art Museum

Province Archives

WWI Memorial

Honoring Flyers that died training

Queen Victoria was the queen
The Legislative Building is
pure democracy

The Dome

Prime Minister

The cleanest halls I ever saw

Entrance to Legislative Building

Democratic Caucus

Legislative Reading Room

Queen Elizabeth visited in 1970

Office windows open - no AC

Postal Boxes

Union Train Station

Train Station Lobby

Educational Train Cars - mobile classrooms
for teaching

Hotel Fort Garry - top of the line

Covered walkways downtown

Enclosed bus stops

Neat sign - Maple Leaf

Winnipeg Jets Hockey plays here