Friday, April 17, 2015

Big Story Coming - Harry Visits ZEV Electric Scooter Factory in Morgantown WV

I love the quiet and pep of electric vehicles. In 1975 I owned my first electric motorcycle. Since then I have driven and owned many vehicles - some as fast as the Tesla to others as slow as a regular bike with a motor tacked on. I currently own a Nissan Leaf as my main car and a Club Car golf cart for riding around the neighborhood. 

ZEV Electric makes a series of motor scooters. Some look like bicycles with lithium batteries in the frame. Others look like Harley Davisons with every crevice stuffed with lithium batteries. 

I spent all day Wednesday navigating the hills of Morgantown and West Virginia University on several electric scooters. The one above was my favorite. It has gobs of power to go 60 MPH  but also a range of 100 miles. The lithium batteries will last for years. It has giant disk brakes and tires to handle two very heavy people and change. WVU has some very steep hills and they were no match for these scooters. 

I will be doing a full story with reviews of several scooters I rode. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

We Missed The Runway in New York City - But Got Great Pictures in the Go Around

I am in Charlotte on the last leg of my trip home from Washington. During the stopover in New York City - our pilot was having a little trouble and he went around for another try. This was a little unnerving - but it provided a great venue as he circled Manhattan. Second time was a charm - we landed safely. I am in Charlotte now - will get home to Tallahassee and my Lulu at 7:30 PM. 

Enlarge the pictures to see the Empire State building - the Chrysler Building - the new Freedom Tower - the Brooklyn Bridge - Madison Square Garden - Yankee Stadium - and many other spots. Lulu was professor for St Johns Uuniversity in New York City for 10 years. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lincoln's Summer Cottage - Lincoln Died 150 Years Ago Today

Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation here.

Lincoln used to ride his horse to the White House every morning. He last visited here on April 13th before he died. He was shot April 14th - and died April 15th. 150 year ago today.

A regiment of troops was stationed here to guard the president during the war. 

This is the Old Soldiers Home today.

Abraham Lincoln died 150 years ago today. During the summers - the Lincoln's did not live in the White House. After Willie died from Typhoid and bad drinking water - Mary decided that they would live at the old Soldiers' Home on a hill 3 miles north of the White House. 

There is an "cottage" there overlooking the city. In the days before air conditioning - the elevation and breezes provided relief from the sweltering river basin. The President would commute on his horse down the mountain every day to the White House. His family could stay away from the DC Grind. 

Today the cottage is open to the public on an hourly tour for $15. The tours are limited to 20 people per hour. Keith and I had the 3 PM tour today. 

The Old Soldiers Home still exists. There are about 1000 retired soldiers there - all have been in the service at least 20 years and have injured in battle. The first national cemetery in on the premises and Lincoln could look out the window to see about 40 civil war soldiers buried a week. When the cemetery filled - the overflow started a new cemetery across the river called Arlington. 

4 other presidents used the cottage as their summer home. Later Camp David was built about 50 miles north of town. President Eisenhower used to drive there - but now the presidents use helicopters. 

Where In The World Is Harry ------ Tampa - Fort Myers - Atlantic City - Philadelphia - Tamaqua - Centralia - Knoebels Grove - Baltimore - Morgantown WV - Washington

The Class of 1966 from Tamaqua - met us for lunch downtown. Bruce Everett - Barbara Neifert - me - Branda Hurting - Fred - Karen Eva hidden - Barbara Kunkel.

I wanted to go north for my sister Judy's 70th birthday. Lulu wanted to come along but she had several things in her schedule that could not be moved. So I had to stay silent for a while. 

Our trip started in Tampa - where we spent a night with Marylou and Carl. Then we drove to Fort Myers where Lulu was on secret business. From there I caught a plane to Atlantic City from Fort Myers - it was the only non-stop flight we could find that fit - it was Spirit Airlines. The seats were tight and you had to pay for all bags - but it was a nice Airbus 320 - you know the plane that blasted into the mountain last week in the Alps. 

In New Jersey - I convinced my high school valedictorian friend Fred DeStephanis to spent 48 hours in Tamaqua with me. He has not been back for a serious visit in 50 years - yikes. We drove to Betty's to stay there 2 nights. I think it is the first time she ever had a house alone with no kids or grandkids there. It was nice having 2 free bedrooms. 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Lulu and Harry Emerge in Fort Myers

Thomas Edison's place in Fort Myers
Henry Ford's cottage next to Edison's home

People have been asking me why I have not posted a story on my page in 3 weeks. I guess I have writer's block - nothing to say worth saying. 

Lulu and I drove the BMW down to Fort Myers. We left home Tuesday - drove to see friends Carl and Marylou in Tampa. Then yesterday drove the rest of the way to Fort Myers. Lulu had a school visit to make today - so while she worked - I enjoyed seeing Thomas Edison's and Henry Ford's winter home in downtown Fort Myers.

Edison - Ford - and Harvey Firestone were very rich men. In the winter - in the 1920s - they would ride the trains south to Fort Myers. They had laboratories set up there - and one of their main projects was looking for a substitute for latex rubber. They eventually found out it could be made form goldenrod - but nylon was invented that replace rubber tires. 

Fort Myers is a beautiful southern city. The weather is great all year and the tropical plants are bountiful. Many of the trees that Edison planted are still growing - including the royal palms that line the streets. 

Florida is a magical state with so many different cities. Some day - I would like to circle the state with our grandkids - spending a night in each city. We could go from Tallahassee to Orlando - then Tampa - Sarasota - Fort Myers - Naples - Miami  - Key West - Fort Lauderdale - Daytona - Saint Augustine - Jacksonville - and then back home. 

Lulu's BMW is a highway cruiser - top up or down. It has dual turbo chargers and speed sensing steering and suspension. It is very comfortable. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Florida State Beats FGCU 65-47 - Advances To The Final 16 in Basketball - 4 Wins Away From National Championship

Check out our friends George and Joel Dawson in the video

Last night we saw FSU beat a very good Florida Gulf Coast University team at the Tucker Center to advance in the basketball playoff to Greensboro. Friday at 9 PM they will play Arizona State University.

IF FSU wins the next two - a very big IF - they will be in the Final Four Tournament in Tampa. If they are there - we will be there.

Florida State shot out to a 17-2 lead and coasted to the victory. They announced a crowd of over 4000 ticket sales.

We took our neighbor Tom Taylor along to the game. He hasn't attended a game in a long time and he enjoyed the Lady Seminoles.

He Has Eyes Like A Hawk

Yesterday this hawk paid us a visit. He perched on the roof of our barn and surveyed the yard for food. Lulu was convinced there must be a snake nearby.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Michelle and Krystal Maas Visited Over The Weekend

Our friends from Homestead FL - visited over the weekend. Kris is finishing her second year of studies at FSU in hospitality management. On Saturday - we saw them in the crowd at the FSU girls basketball game against Alabama State. The Seminoles won easily and tonight at 6 they play Florida Gulf Coast University from Fort Myers. 

You can see our guests in the middle of the picture wearing blue and pink. Not a bad picture from my little handheld Sony camera.