Thursday, September 22, 2016

We Bought New iPhones in Richmond

Here we are at the Apple Store new Richmond VA. We bought new iPhone 7's. I got flat black - Lulu got rose gold. We chose phones with 128 GB of memory.

Son Drew just did full restores for us - taking the data from our old phone to our computers and then back to the new phones.

We will be shortly selling two iPhone 5S's on Craigslist. Lightly used by two senior citizens :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our Friends Just Spent 10 Days in Sunny Panama City Beach FL

Dick and Jan Davis - Coal Crackers from Tamaqua via Arizona - had a wonderful vacation with family at Panama City Beach.

I Am Selling This 2010 Coleman Travel Trailer For A Friend

I sold Joan's Motorhome. The buyer of her motorhome asked me to sell her travel trailer - so here it is. We are asking $10,000 for this 2010 Coleman 18 foot trailer. I wish it weighed a little less - because I would buy it and pull it with our Honda van. Although it is 6 years old - it is in perfect like new condition. It has a full bathroom including a tub. It has a full kitchen with both gas oven and microwave oven. It has a gas furnace - and an electric air conditioner with heat strip. It does not have a generator. It sleeps 7 people. This trailer weighs 4300 pounds - my Honda van can only pull 3500 pounds. Everything works. Nothing is worn. No dents - no scrapes - no scratches - no fading. It was kept under a car port its whole life. 

One time - when Lulu and I were building our home back in 1973 - we lived in an 18 footer just like this. My Mom used to say - Everhart's have gypsy blood in them. Don't say that too close to Hitler.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

One Last Chance - Getting In Shape At 68

This is what 68 year old Harry looks like
after 20 minutes of pedaling

Sunny Health and Fitness Bike purchased

In the last 3 years - I have gained 35 pounds. It is very simple - I eat way too much - and exercise too little.

When I moved to Florida 12 years ago - Weighed 225 pounds. Through exercise and diet - I had reduced down to 190 pounds using a program on my iPhone called Tap and Track. I was so proud buying pants with a 34 inch waist. It seemed too easy. Lulu and I did it together - walking a lot and recording our food intake. Then we slipped.

In no time at all - I was back to 225 pounds - where I am today.

I have flat feet. So if I walk farther than 2 miles - my feet get sore. So I contacted my exercise expert - Dr Katy Tran. You may remember her when she was a tenant at our brick rental house - before we built our new home. Katy is now working for the Buffalo Sabres. She and her husband Jared are expecting a baby in December.

Katy suggested a stationary bike. She has been using a Sunny Health and Fitness Bike for 5 years. She suggested I try one. So I went to Amazon and for a little over $200 - I bought this ver professional machine.

I just got done my first 20 minute workout. Even though I exercised inside my air conditioned home - I am sweating profusely. I did not measure my heart rate but I felt it thumping. It is a long process - but it starts with one spin. It must be co-ordinated with eating less.

We are going away today for a week - to my 50th high school reunion. We will also ge tot see the kids and grandkids. So the bike will have to wait a week.

Jumbo Says It Was A Game Of Inches

After further research - I agree.

Our Electric Consumption - Tallahassee Public Utilities

Tallahassee Utilities is owned by the city. It makes 95% of our electricity using natural gas. 5% is made at our hydroelectric dam just west of town. Recently they reduced the price of electricity because the price of natural gas has fallen thanks to the process of fracking.

We use electricity to heat and cool this home. We do have a tankless gas water heater. We leave 14 LED bulbs on outside all night long.

Above is our chart of electric consumption and the cost. This is for a new home of 4600 square feet if you include the garage. Just 2 people live here. We spent Feb - Mar - Apr in Germany but we left the thermostat set at 75.

Tallahassee has been given awards for being the best publicly owned utility in America. I know it is comparing apples and oranges - but stack this up to your electric bill.

PS - This bill also includes charging our Nissan Leaf Electric Car every night.

GlowBowl Lights Up Your Bathroom With Smiles

We just had a great visit from Jan and Dick Davis - the Coal Crackers that now live in Arizona. They are always good for a great laugh. Their household gift of the GlowBowl just keeps on giving.

GlowBowl is very simply a light you put in your toilet. It is motion activated - whenever you "make a movement" the light comes on. It can be set for just one color - or be a medley of colors. The device hangs on the outside of the bowl. An internal reflection plastic tube carries the light into the bowl. The device is safely outside away from the water and contents.

Every time you use the bathroom you think of your friends that bought you such a device. "You light up my life."  Three AAA batteries were included.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Today Lulu and I Went to See Snowden - The Movie

If you are very concerned about your rights to privacy on the Internet and Cellphone - you will enjoy Oliver Stone's movie called Snowden.

You may recall that Edward Snowden was a computer genius that worked for the CIA and NSA. After years of working on the inside of the computer spy world - he chose to expose several government projects of paying on US citizens without a court order. This proved very embarrassing to the federal government. Snowden copied millions of government documents and traveled to Hong Kong. He then released the information to the world press.

While he was traveling from Hong Kong to Bolivia via Russia - the USA withdrew his passport and he was stuck in Russia. He claims he did not take any secret documents with him to Russia. Russia has allowed him to stay there. His girlfriend from the USA has moved to Russia to be with him.

The government wants Snowden to return and stand trial. Several groups are seeking a pardon for him.

It seems that director Oliver Stone followed the story pretty straight. Edward Snowden is covered sympathetically. Since his exposure - the government has passed laws disallowing monitoring of computers and phones without a warrant - but I am guessing all this stuff still goes on.

We went to the Sunday morning at 10 AM show for $5.50. Our AMC theatre has installed elaborate reserved seating - along with 8 way power seats.