Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our Coal Cracker Friends Visited Tesla And the Palma Maria

This is the Tamaqua Table at the Palma Maria Restaurant. Jan and Dick Davis sit with Carl and Marylou Zimmerman - with old Pete Rosinola looking on. 

Friday our Coal Cracker friends left here bound for Tampa and Orlando. We had so much fun here - then they were gone. They re-appeared at the Tesla dealership in Casselberry and also the Palm Maria Restaurant about 1 mile away.

The Palm Maria was an Italian restaurant on Broad Street in Tamaqua PA. Now is sits along Route 436 (Semoran Boulevard) in Casselbery FL - about 30 miles northeast of Disneyworld. It has been there 35 years. It is still run by the Rosinola Family - Mom and Dad are gone- but the 4 "kids" still cook and serve. The food is fantastic and the bill is low. 

They have a special table called the Tamaqua table - where all the old Coal Crackers pose. 

Tesla is a fantastic electric car - in my opinion it may be the best car ever made. Too bad it costs $100k. It goes like 150 MPH - and  0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. It goes about 300 miles on a charge. I sent the crew there to see them - and of course Dickie Davis talked them into a neck snapping ride. It certainly got Carl's attention and a visit to a chiropractor :-)

Tesla has a quick charge network set up all over the country. For free - you can quick charge your car. 
Carl inspects the chassis of a Tesla - it is a work of art. The Tesla motor has one moving part.

Dickie Keebler Davis went for a neck snapping ride.

Jan and Dick hold hands and kiss each other's butt goodbye.

This one had a ticket of $135k with 2 motors and 4WD

This is not a Tesla S - I am not sure what it is.

Carl loves trains - he is the driver os the locomotive at Knoebels Grove. If you go to Knoebels Grove - say hi to Carl.

Monday, January 26, 2015

We Watched The FSU Women Clobber Wake Forest 110-80 With Marge and Tom Jones

Our neighbors Tom and Marge Jones

Marge and Tom Jones live down the street from us on Santa Rosa Drive. Tom graduated from the FSU Law School that is across the street from the Civic Center. Yesterday we took them to a FSU girls basketball game. The Seminoles made every effort to please them - scoring 110 points - raising their record to 19-2 this year. 

The girls scored 12 three point goals - getting us each a coupon for a free Circle K grilled item.

Of course we sat with George and Joel Dawson - two regular season ticket holders. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dick Produced A Fantastic Scratch Italian Dinner

Dick cooked a dinner that was out of this world. Sally and Gerald were there to counsel Marylou and encourage her to complete her masters in Nursing at FSU. Lulu wants her good friend to matriculate here. Clockwise we have Cousin Carl - Sally - Gerald - Dick - Jan - Marylou - Lulu - Me.

Our week long Coal Cracker Adventure went way too fast and ended too abruptly. Like the wind - they were here and gone. We were honored to have Sally and Gerald join us at such short notice. They are honorary Florida Coal Crackers.

Harry swallowed a basketball.

We Revisit The Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre In Madison FL Last Night

Dick Davis - Gregory Popovich - and our treasured plaque from our Vegas anniversary show. Now it is signed. 

Last June we spent some time in Las Vegas with Jan and Dick Davis. Lulu had a library convention - but in the evening we partied - it was our anniversary. Lulu is always looking for a bargain and she found tickets to the Popovic Comedy Pet Theater for half price. It is a great family show but a little too calm by Vegas standards - and Dick's. Ever since then - Dick and Jan have been giving us the business about the show.

On Christmas Eve we received a package featuring moments of the Popovich adventure. You can see that collection in the picture above.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Selling The Seminole Experience

Harry - Lulu - Jan - Dick - at Doak Campbell Stadium

Jan and Dick live near Phoenix. So maroon and gold mean Arizona State to them. But yesterday we enjoyed lunch in Doak Campbell Stadium. It is not the same without Jameis anymore - but we hope we have created two more members of the Seminole Nation. Lulu bought a James jersey for me for $6 - glory is fleeting. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dick and Jan Davis - We Are Happy To Bon Voyage Them Into Their Retirement Future

A golden sunset on this lovely couple. This is our old friends Jana and Dick Davis from Tamaqua PA via Phoenix AZ - and in this picture at Panama City FL. This is their first "all for pleasure" trip as retirees.  Although they have spent the last few years in Arizona - they are spending the next two weeks in the Retirement Capital of the World -  Florida - first with us - then with our other ex-pat Tamaquans Carol and Mary Lou Zimmerman in Tampa. 

Jan and Dick flew from Phoenix today. We picked them up at the Panama City Beach Airport. We are all spending the night at the Flamingo Hotel on the water. Tomorrow we return to Tallahassee. 

What a beautiful sunset. 

A Senile Surprise - The Hit Men at Tallahassee - Last Night - Oh What A Night!

The Hit Men - just google them. This drummer really sang the lead in "Oh - What A night!" by the Four Seasons.

50 Beers on Tap just 2 Miles from Our Door.  Life the big city.

When you are senile - everything is a surprise. Like yesterday at 5 o'clock when Lulu "reminded" me we have a concert to got to at 7. Our former tenant had come over to visit - so we quickly went out to  take a test drive in our electric car - then it was a shower and showtime. 

We live 2 miles from the gate at FSU right in front of the Ruby Diamond Auditorium. It gave us plenty of time to have supper - cleanup - then drive up and over Capitol Hill to the concert hall. 

We were going to see The Hit Men - I never heard of them before - but a quick google search gave me an inkling that a fun night was coming. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Your Welcome Penn State and Joe Paterno

You may recall when Lulu's cousins came down to visit us in Tallahassee and go to the "Catholics Versus The Criminals" game. It was ESPN GameDay - and we all attended the pre-game party. Cathy and RuthAnn spend the whole day holding up this sign. The NCAA must have thought they were Seminole fans just being nice - but their message was taken seriously. 

The NCAA dropped several of the penalties against the Nittany Lions - penalties that were silly and obviously going to be overturned in the courtroom. As they say - the NCAA copped a plea - and Penn State settled out of court. The team's 100 or so wins were reinstated - but the $60,000,000 fine was not returned. I am guessing if it went to court - the NCAA's power wings would have been clipped. They overstepped their bounds - and live to flash their power again another day. Penn State gets to put their graven image of Joe back on campus. 

Penn State deserved better. Both times.