Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lulu - Paul - and Michelle Promoted To Full Professor - Last Night We Had a Big Party at the Old President's Home at Florida State University

Lulu - Paul Marty - Michelle Kazmer

The acceptance speech by the trio

It was 10 years ago when we moved to Tallahassee when Lulu was recruited to be a professor at FSU.  A lot of fun and work has gone thru the turnstiles here in the Northern Florida town. 

Last night we had a party at the Old President's House on campus to celebrate Lulu - Paul - and Michelle being promoted to full professor. This is as high as you can go without becoming some kind of administrator. All three of the candidates grew up and did their undergraduate studies in Pennsylvania. 

About 60 people came to the party - mostly fellow professors - former students - college staff - friends - and neighbors. They enjoyed a buffet including roast beef and turkey. About 8 PM - the cakes were cut and a few speeches were made. Dean Larry Dennis cut the cake. 

Lulu's first PhD candidate student - Melissa Johnston - flew down from Tuscaloosa Alabama for the event. She is now an assistant professor of library science at the University of Alabama. 

Wanda Brown - Barbara Heusel - Dennis Moore

Friday, September 12, 2014

Lulu and Mimi At Alligator Point

Mimi Johnson and Lulu Everhart
Mimi is our weekend guest. She is one of Lulu's former students and now a library professor at Alabama. 

Lulu is being honored this week for being promoted to full professor at FSU. The party commences tomorrow night at the old president's house on campus. 

Both ladies are obsessed with sitting at the beach. I am glad Mimi is here to "talk library" with Lulu.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show - Wednesday Nights

Harry took this picture last night from the second row at the call-in show.

Every Wednesday from 7 to 8 PM - Jimbo Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff host a call in show at the Four Points Hotel in downtown Tallahassee. They have a studio set up in the basement with about 200 seats. The show is broadcast on TV - radio - and the Internet. People call in questions - Jimbo answers them live in front of the audience. Members of the audience are given a chance to ask questions live on TV also. 

Last night I went alone - Lulu was busy. Last week we went together. Each time I found seats in the second row. 

Admission is free. A dinner basket is offered for a fee. Beer is available for $3 for 16 ounce cans. Prizes are given out for audience members who  correctly answer quiz questions. They gave away game tickets.

On the first night - Gene Deckerhoff spent about 5 minutes chatting with us. We both have owned Road Trek campers. He still has one and drives it to Tampa Bay to announce their football games. He sleeps right in the parking lot - my kind of guy.

Jimbo also signs autographs during the commercial breaks. 

House For Sale - Saint George Island - Our Day At The Beach

Lulu on the porch at JP's beach house.

Last Friday we drove our convertible to the beach. We wanted a little road trip - and it is only 80 miles from our house to one of the nicest beaches in the world. 

Our buddy JP Brown owns a very nice beach house two streets back from the beach. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is up on stilts and easily has survived hurricane floods. It has a large deck facing the ocean. It is an easy walk to a fantastic beach. 

The beach there is perfect. We had it virtually to ourselves - except for two other families. The sand is super white and fluffy. The water is very clear - so clear you can see lots of fish . 

The temperature was 92 on our visit and the water was 86 degrees. We spent a lot of time in the warm water. We took our beach tent because the high sun was pretty hot. 

To get to Saint George Island you skirt the coast west on Highway 98. Just before you get to Apalachicola - you turn left and travel 5 miles on a free bridge to the island. 

JP is asking $220,000 for the beach home. It is well kept and would make a perfect full time home. If we wanted to live full time at the beach - I would buy it. 

JP's Home is on stilts to avoid storm damage.

The underside of the home is lines with plywood to protect the plumbing. You could easily park cars under there or create a party patio. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Garage Attic Fan Keeps Things Cool

This is the 1300 CFM exhaust fan in our detached garage. Note the thermostat on the right. 

Our new home is lined with SucraSeal - a liquid foamed in place insulation. The roof has an R60 rating and the walls are R30. But our garage is a separate building with no insulation at all. Therefore - it can get very hot in the garage with the doors are closed.

Yesterday - I used my thermometer gun and it said the roof plywood was 112 degrees. So I built a plywood box in the eave over the vent and installed an exhaust fan. It is an electric fan that draws 2 amps of power (about 2 cents an hour when running) - and moves 1300 cubic feet of air a minute. In 7 minutes it can drain the garage of all of its stale air. The fan has a thermostat that I have set to turn on at 95 degrees. So when the air in the attic of the garage gets to 95 - the fan goes on - and cools the garage. 

Of course if the air outside is 95 degrees - the garage is never going to get below that temperature. You are simply sucking fresh air from outside - to the inside. 
When the temperature gets above 95 degrees - the fan goes on automatically. 

You can set the thermostat to go on at any temperature.

The attic in our detached garage is 6 feet high - 16 feet wide - and 36 feet long. It is a great place to store excess lumber or other things you do not need ready at hand. Presently access to the attic is a ladder. 

The fan is hard wired to the circuit box in the garage. There are 4 - 120 volt circuits and 1 - 220 volt circuit. The 220 volt circuit is for a future electric car charger. 

The exhaust fan is directly behind the white vent in the garage roof eave. 

Saturday, September 06, 2014

My Builder Gary Shiver Built This Barn - I Love It

Gary Shiver can build anything. Show him a picture and pretty soon you have one of your own. I like the metal roof - the large overhangs all around - no places for water to hide. The rough sawn pine boards are vertical - stained - well-protected - and ventilated. A nice high chimney provides plenty of draft.

Note the party room with fireplace and screened area.

I love the sliding barn doors - note the ones covering the upper windows.

Stained beams and a couple fans create a homey atmosphere in front of the fireplace. 

I love the sliding doors with upper glass panels.

This is a wood burning fireplace.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Noles Spike Gators in 5 Games - Our Friends From Britain Enjoy Their First FSU Event


Here is the final point in the rubber game - Noles won it all. 

Lulu - Jennifer - Elle - Simon - we all had a great time. 

Tully Gym was packed to standing room only as the Seminoles won their home opening by beating Gators 3 games to 2. Jennifer - Elle - and Simon saw their first Florida State game and had their first ride in a convertible ever. 

They live just down the street from us at 1607 Seminole Drive. If the address sounds familiar - it was because it was awfully strange dropping them off after the game - and not pulling into their garage. They live in our old house. 

The match was touch and go all the way. Both the Gators and the Noles are ranked nationally in the  Top 10. FSU has yet to be defeated this year. The Gators won the first game that went into extra points. The second game the Noles won but the match looked over when the Gators took games 3. The crowd urged the Noles on to take the final two games. 

Mahanoy Area board approves 'Coal CrackerJazz Band'

MAHANOY CITY — The Mahanoy Area School Board approved a request from the high school band director to establish the “Coal Cracker Jazz Band” and its related activity club.

The board approved the bylaws of the activity club as presented by middle school band director Jason Wenrich.
“Jason is voluntarily starting up the jazz band,” Superintendent Joie L. Green said, adding that there had been a jazz band, but it was not a formal band as this new one now is.
According to the bylaws, “The goal of the ensemble is to educate the students of Mahanoy Area the jazz genre. The students will learn jazz standards, basic jazz methods and jazz genres. The education will come through written music, recorded audio music, recorded visual music and any other medium deemed necessary by the band director.
“The goal of performance includes that the band will annually perform two school concerts. They will be Christmas and spring concerts,” Green said.
The band will also be available for out-of-school performances at the discretion of the director, and payment for these events will be accepted, if offered, but will not be requested. If asked, a standard donation of $50 to $100 would be suggested for a standard 45-minute playing session.
In other business, Green reported that a $4,900 grant was received from the Center for Safe Schools for “go-buckets,” which are also called “go-kits” and “go-bags.”
“We ordered 77 go-buckets, so every classroom in the district has a go-bucket,” Green said.
According to the CSS website, a go-bucket is a large bucket with a lid that is frequently used with it. The bucket serves multiple purposes. While it will be used primarily as a container for supplies, it can also serve as a temporary stool for the teacher when outside the school building. Additionally and as a last resort, when fitted with a plastic trash can liner, toilet paper and plastic tarp or shower curtain (as a privacy barrier), the bucket can also be used as a temporary lavatory.
“A bucket has all the safety things for a class of 25,” Green said. “It also comes with a toilet seat that can be placed on the bucket so if there was a major emergency and the students are stuck in a classroom for days, we have those available. Every classroom has one of the those and the teacher has a backpack, which has an emergency kit.”

From The Pottsville Republican