Monday, October 20, 2014

Look Who Drove To Cocoa Beach Today

She will be spending 6 days with her cousins at a condo on Cocoa Beach FL. She drove 6 hours across the state and still barely got halfway. 

We Met Many Really Nice Notre Dame Fans At The Game

Harry, Thank you so much for sending this along. We try to travel to at least one away game a year, with schedules, business, heck life itself it’s sometimes hard to pull off. Let me tell you this The Florida State community was by far the most gracious bunch of folks we have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. People like yourself, each one nicer than the next.

We strive to be as accommodating when Visitors visit South Bend. The only thing we can’t duplicate is your beautiful weather.

Oh by the way Coolest statue ever!

Thank you again,


Honda Helix

Two years ago I bought this 1986 Honda Helix. It has a 250cc engine. It is quiet and smooth so Lulu does not mind too much going to games on it. You can park it anywhere.  It is a long story but it only has 2700 miles on it. It looks like new. It has an automatic transmission - it has just a gas and brake control - twist and go. In Florida - they do not require you to wear a helmet.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Noles Beat Virginia Tech in Volleyball - Remain Undefeated

We just got home from Sunday afternoon volleyball. The Seminole beat Virginia Tech - 3 games to 1.  We arrived late and only saw the last 2 games - and the Hokies played very well - almost pushing it to a 5th set.

The Seminoles are 18-0 on the season and 4th ranked nationally. 

Noles Beat Irish In Front Of Cousins - Never Buy Early Tickets Again - Noles Get Some Irish Luck Of Their Own

The Cousin now will spend 6 days at Michelle's condo in Cocoa Beach.

One time we saw Larry King at a Seminoles game in Jacksonville with his pretty young blonde wife. Boy - I felt like him last night. My biggest accomplishment was sitting thru a 4 hour game and not having to go to the bathroom :-) No - I was not wearing a diaper. 

Lulu's 4 cousins came to town hoping for an Irish Victory - for about 10 seconds they had one. After a week of "All Jameis - All the Time" ESPN Network - the game finally arrived. In all the excitement - we decided to buy tickets 3 days ahead of time - a big mistake. Even though the stadium was full - there were plenty of tickets being held in the air outside - even some by me. 

We got a deal for 4 secure tickets for a little over face value. The tickets were not close - they were in the last row. 

We drove Brother George Dawson's van to the game of the 6 of us. We parked in the faculty lot in front of the FSU main gate for free. We enjoyed supper there - but there was not much excitement a half mile from GameDay and Doak Campbell Stadium. After we ate - we walked down Jefferson Street to the game. 

We decided to sell either 4 or 2 tickets. If we would have sold 4 - we would have found 2 better ones. A young couple came up to us - they had 2 tickets in hand. They said when they tried to enter the scanner said the tickets were no good. We were asking for $150 a ticket for our extras - but Lulu asked how much money they had - they said $197 - and she said that is what we were asking for 2 tickets. She also said we would walk them into the game and sit with them - to make sure they were not ripped again. Like I said above - I never plan to buy advance tickets again. We will try our luck outside. 

Speaking of luck - the game was tight all the way. I am sure the home TV crowd loved the game - in the few moments that ESPN was not blaming the world's problems on Jameis Winston. I understand he is now recruiting for ISIS and also flying charter flights from Liberia to Tallahassee full of Ebola patients. 

Notre Dame played as good as they can - but after Jameis opening the second half with 13 straight completed passes - the Noles pulled ahead by 4. Notre Dame had the ball at the 50 yard line with 3 minutes to go - surely they would score a touchdown - and th happiness would be over. ESPN would need to find another shill. With the clock running down to 10 seconds - the Irish had the ball on the 1 yard line - just 1 yard from victory. It was 4th down - Notre Dame threw a pass and scored a touchdown. The happiness for the Nole crowd was gone as they arms collectively fell off in a pile like cord wood. Notre Dame did it again. But wait - they were called for a penalty! The prayers to Jesus must have bounced off all the cell phone waves flying overhead. The Knutes had to try again and they failed. 

Now the Pope is threatened to make Jameis - gay and pregnant - and in charge of handing condoms out in the Tallahassee Ebola Clinic. Undefeated Notre Dame now has a loss - the Noles are 7-0. Now FSU has 12 days to get ready to go up and lose in Louisville on Thursday night in the cold and rain. 

Brian and his friends flew down from Chicago for the game. We met them in the crowd at Gameday. No we did not know them before. 

Bill and RuthAnn pose in front of the Wescott Building at the main gate.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lulu And Her Cousins On GAMEDAY In Tallahassee - Go Noles - Go Irish

Lulu has 4 cousins - RuthAnn - Kathy - Bill - Joe - visiting here for the Seminole/Irish football game.  This morning they went to the stadium to see ESPN Game Day.

Last night they went to the FSU/FAMU volleyball game where FSU extended their undefeated string to 18 games. They also went to the Downtown Block Party.

Band Downtown

ESPN - bite me shirt

Osceola covered by sign

FSU Marching Chiefs Band

Bill and Doak

Bill at Doak with the Blimp

Joe - Kathy - RuthAnn- Bill - OSCEOLA and RENEGADE

photos by Lulu

Friday, October 17, 2014

Lulu Hosted the Women In The Hood (WITH) Party a At Our House Last Night

photos by Lulu
Every room/closet/attic were open for the grand tour. 

Every few months - the Women in the Hood gather at someone's home - and last night from 6 to 8 - I went to a ball game as the ladies gathered at our house. Even though we have been in the neighborhood for 10 years - we felt like newbies because everyone wanted to see the inside of our new home. While it was being constructed from August 2013 to January 2014 - we had tons of "sidewalk superintendents" slowly cruising by on Seminole Drive as Gary Shiver built our home. 

I do not know the names of these lovely ladies - but if anyone wants to identify them for me - I will add the captions. 

The kitchen/dining/living room easily held 35 people. 

Food was served on a 1300 pound slab of granite

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Ball At Howser Stadium

While Lulu was hosting the Women In The Hood - I went to the annual Seminoles fall baseball game between the Garnet and Gold teams. It was free. It felt like a fresh autumn night with a beautiful sunset and cool calm air. I could have used something besides the shorts and short sleeved shirt I had on. It was pretty nippy on the scooter as I took a slow ride home.

Before the game I had supper at Brooklyn Water Bagels. They make great fresh bagels but also make New York Style pizza. For $6 you can get 2 slices and a drink. I love their fountain drinks - you can make all sorts of combinations as you jerk your own syrups. My favorite is a seltzer egg cream custard. You can also have free refills of anything you want - go blame Jameis.