Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Springfield Illinois - Abraham Lincoln's Home For 25 Years

Abraham Lincoln lived in Springfield for 25 years. While there he was a state legislator - a lawyer - and a member of the US Congress. He bought this house for $1500 - at the time it was just 1000 square feet and one story. He raised the roof - and put on a full second floor - also put an extension out back. After he died his son willed it to the state as long as they kept it open to the public and free.

It was foggy all day Tuesday in Springfield - temperatures were in the 40s - dropping to the 10s tomorrow. Lulu and I enjoyed breakfast in our hotel - then toured the Lincoln home and Lincoln Library. Lulu's first meeting was at 4 PM today - so we had to hurry back for that. I am on my own for the rest of the day. 

Lincoln was born in Kentucky in 1809 - move to Indiana in 1818 - then on to Illinois around 1835. He spent 25 years here - then in 1860 moved to Washington DC. They brought him back to Springfield in a pine box on a train in 1865. They train went from Washington to Baltimore - Philadelphia - New York City - Lancaster - Columbus - Indianapolis - and finally he was buried a few blocks north of here. 

In his living room - they had a stereoscope for the kids. The house was completely furnished with original pieces. Lulu likes to pose with audio-visual items.

The 4 block area around the house is a historic park. Most of the buildings are preserved. The streets have no cars - the sidewalks are boardwalks. This picture was taken using my iPhone with a bluetooth remote control - the ultimate selfie. 

Abraham and Mary had separate bedrooms with a connecting door. This was Abe's bed. Notice that the style was a house of many different patterns - none matching.

Mary had her own little coal stove right next to her potty. The house had no indoor plumbing.

That is the outside in the backyard with a boardwalk. Notice the high pine board fences.

The first 6 years of my life I had an outhouse. So did Lincoln.

Lincoln's home is in the distance - middle.

Route 66 runs north and south through downtown Springfield. It winds form Chicago to LA.

Lincoln's law office was a short walk from home - and just across the street form the State House.

The State House is no longer used - they build a new one. 

The famous Donner Party - the people eaters - started in Springfield - ended in Nevada.

The replica doll house of Lincoln's home was at the Lincoln Library.

Springfield Illinois - From One State Capital to Another

At takeoff - looking east - this is Tallahassee - the most obvious building is the Department of Education. The red roof buildings are FSU.

Looking north from our hotel room in Springfield is the St Josephs Hospital.

I love going along with Lulu on her adventures. For 6 days we will be in lovely downtown Springfield. Lulu is consulting for the state while I get to tour their lovely "Lincoln All Week - All The Time."

At 1 PM - we left our Leaf in the parking lot at Tallahassee International Airport - please no smirking.  After a bit of delay in Dallas - we arrived in the dark at Abraham Lincoln Airport at 8 PM. The limo picked us up and took us to the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel - which is right in the center of the Lincoln Museum - Lincoln Home - Lincoln Library - and Lincoln Tomb. Throughout the week - I will be adding Lincoln's to that list. 

This morning we were greeted by freezing rain - and the schools are closed. Lulu's first meeting is at 4 PM - so she wants to visit Lincoln's home right away. Although Lincoln was born in Kentucky - spent much of his boyhood in Indiana - most of his professional career as a lawyer was spent right here in downtown Springfield. He must have been very smart to build his beautiful home right in the middle of a park that covers 4 city blocks. The kids must have had a lot of nice places to play. 

From his house you can see the Old State Capitol where he spent time as a legislature and also argued in front of the State Supreme Court there. 

We are staying on the 11th floor of a 12 story building. Our room looks north - the Old State Capitol is a block west of us. I-55 is two blocks eats of us. Lincoln's house is a block south of us. We are prepared to do a little walking. 

Back home in Tallahassee today - the legislature opens their session. They will be meeting until May 1st. Although they pass many laws - their main objective is to pass a budget. They do that and they can go home. The legislature and governor in Florida are Republican - thanks to gerrymandering. The majority of registered voters are Democrats. 

The motto here in Springfield seems to be - "We are better than New Jersey." The motto in Tallahassee seems to be - "We are ranked 50th in the amount we spend pre capita for education - at least we are not last."

Monday, March 02, 2015

Mark Cuban Just Got Off Our Plane

We are getting onto our plane to Dallas. I was not fast enough with my camera but I think Mark Cuban got off our plane. He was wearing jeans and sneakers. 


At The Airport - On The Way To Springfield

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Coach Fisher By Us At The Girls Game - Noles Up 25-15


Picture taken with iPhone.

Jumbo spoke during he halftime show.