Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Everhart 8 Spent Spring Break In Tallahassee At Our New Home

Last week - for the first time - the Everhart 8 enjoyed a visit together in the new house. We went on all sorts of adventures - but mainly just enjoyed the time together. The beach - the park - the museums - the zoo - baseball games - zip lining - basketball hoops - rentals vans - MumMum's meals -  filled the week. 

Making pancakes with MumMum with cookie cutters in her new kitchen

Keith and Liz could only make it for the 3 day weekend. We went to Spring Hill Restaurant for supper Friday and Carabelle Beach Sunday. The restaurant was written up in the NY Times. they have great seafood - I had chicken.

Building Castles and Moats at Carabelle Beach on the Gulf

Now THAT is a beach shovel

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Everhart Boys Conquer the Tallahassee Museum Zip Line Adventure

Harry in Slow Motion

For Spring Break - the Everhart 8 converged in Tallahassee. One of the highlights was the Tree to Tree Adventure at the Tallahassee Museum. First - my grandson decided to do it. Then it looked like so much fun - that Pop and Drew took a chance. 

All dressed up in a harness ready to go.

With the red safety line - I was surprised how easily you adapted and trusted the equipment.

Drew walked across this 100 foot tightrope. Without the safety cable he could have been food for alligators 40 feet below.

Monday, April 21, 2014

In Florida They Say - Mow The Lawn - In The Coal Region We Say Cut The Grass

Today I cut the grass at our new home for the first time. It took 37 minutes using our John Deere 48 inch mower. It went pretty well. I had the blades set at 4 inches - so I was mostly cutting stray weeds - the grass is green now - but it has not really put down deep roots.

I took these pictures at sunset tonight after I finished. So most of the time I am shooting into the sun. 

The 3 car garage was a bribe Lulu offered so that I would remove the metal building. Once we sold the motor home - we no longer needed a garage with 10 foot high doors.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lulu's Easter Dinner in Tamaqua

Lulu's Family had a nice Easter dinner for her. In the picture are Dana's boyfriend - niece Dana - nephew Tyler - mother Betty - sister Lori - Dave's girlfriend Kelly - brother Dave. Missing were brother Jackie and his girlfriend Tami. The full plate in the foreground next to the kielbasa was Lulu's. 

Right now - Lulu is cruising down the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike going thru the Lehigh Tunnel. She has to turn the rental car in by 8PM. She is staying in a bed and breakfast in downtown Philly the next two nights. 

Above the window on the right was Lulu's childhood bedroom. We contemplated a ladder to above that window on our 1971 elopement. 

Last night Lulu stayed with cousin Georgianne and husband Jimmy. 

Lulu Spends Easter in Tamaqua

Lulu has a conference in Philadelphia on Monday and Tuesday. She made a 2 day stop over in Tamaqua PA - our old home town.  She sent pictures of our old home. 

We built this cedar chalet in 1973 from a kit. It is  800 square feet. We lived here 30 years with 2 kids. I put the shingles on that roof - 2 times. 

Lulu is teasing me with these picture of my beloved garage. Barn roofed garage needs a stain or at least a washing. The garage had an apartment upstair swe used as a storage area and play room. 

I noted how steep our driveway was. Also - it must be garbage day on Easter Sunday :-)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rainfall Tallahassee - Saturday

Friday - yesterday - we had 2.88 inch of rain! In all of April we have had 8.4 inches so far. We have already had 26 inches of rain this year. The average is only 17 inches to date.

The lake behind our old house is at a record high.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cascades Park Opened 1/2 Mile From Our House

See the new park here

Our grandkids flew home to Richmond this morning. They spent a week with us. We spent lots of time in Cascades Park - our newest neighbor. 

The park includes playgrounds - a water park - an amphitheater - walking trails - gardens - a waterfall - a power plant (being turned into a "tavern on the green" restaurant - ponds - and a ball field.