Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Yesterday I Checked Out The New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica in Quitman GA

Ramiro Tapia demonstrated the new van to me

What a perfect spring day it was to make the 60 mile trip to Quitman GA to see the new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica van. It was also nice to meet Ramiro Tapia - their senior sales consultant. 

You are probably wondering what am I doing looking at another new car. A little clue is that we just returned from 3 months in Germany - and a wonderful 1500 miles trip through the Bavarian Alps in a Ford van. Some day - when Lulu retires - we will be doing less and less of jet setting - and more and more highway traveling. It would also be nice to have a car where you can haul family and friends around together. 

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Berlin Motorcycle Museum

Berlin Motorcycle Museum

At of our guests left last Sunday - we had 4 days left for ourselves. On Monday - I went to the Berliner  Motorrad Museum - Motocycle Museum. I have always had a soft spot for motor scooters - a great cheap dependable form of transportation that is easy to park - and you just feel young riding one - with the winding your hair. My first "car" was a 1965 Honda 50 Cub - capable of going 45 MPH and getting 200 miles per gallon. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Words Cannot Describe The Terrible Systemic Murder At Dachau By The Nazis

Work Will Make You Free - on the front gate of Dachau.

The Crematory Oven at Dachau

Just outside of Munich is the very first Nazi Concentration Camp - Dachau. It was a model camp set up by the Nazi SS - to be an example for all the other camps. The only good thing I could say at about the camp was the free admission. It is such a horrible idea - and unfortunately is was so darn successful. Hitler's Final Solution was simple - you would imprison anyone your did not like for whatever reason. Then you would use them as free labor until they were sick or exhausted. Finally - you would just kill them - bury them - and pretend they were never ever alive. 

Art at Dachau

Lulu visited the research library at Dachau
It is hard to complain about being one of six senior citizens living in a 2 bedroom - 1 bath apartment for a week - when we just visited concentration camp barracks where 50 prisoners were squeezed into a similar size space - with no heat or running water. It is a miracle that anyone survived that insanity.

Dachau Research Library
7 Guard Towers at Dachau

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music

We were detoured into Austria and stopped at a construction site for quite a long time. There was a beautiful grass meadow surrounded by snow covered alps. All of a sudden Lulu bolted from the Amish Van and started this routine.

Surfing the Izar River in Munich

Surfers can be watched from a bridge right in downtown Munich

50 Photos From Our 5 Days in Bavaria

Zugspitze is the highest peak in Germany - 10000 feet

We still have 2 days to go on our van ride through Bavaria - but while the girls are shopping - I got a chance to go back to the hotel and set up this page. We had been lucky with th weather in Bavaria - it is bright and sunny today - 65 degrees. One of Lulu's library friends - Helga Hoffman - served as our tour guide in Munich. She arranged meals - attractions - rides - etc.

This truck wreck on the Autobahn held us up an hour

Our hotel in Fussen was really nice right downtown

This military jeep - Mercedes with snorkel - neat

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cruising Through the Bavarian Alps

Lulu planned a 5 day grand tour for her play group friends Marylou and Jean. We are now at the halfway point in that trip - it has been really nice.

Monday - at 9 AM we picked up our rental van at Avis. Things started out a little disappointing when the Mercedes turned out to be a Ford Van with diesel engine and 6 speed manual transmission - black no less. But it was the only one left - so we had to settle for looking like the Secret Service protecting our president - or a group of Amish from Pennsylvania.

Our first stop was the small alpine town of Fussen- which was 450 miles away. The Autobahn has some very nice features - like being two feet thick - and you can travel whatever speed you want. But it was designed about 80 years ago - and the exits - etc - are not as modern as in the USA. The road side rests are merely toilets - and not up to USA standards. Unfortunately - 6 senior citizens make quite a few bathrooms stops - long lunches - etc. It was a long day that reminded me of driving my old green bus - except my passengers were much older. Our van rolled into Fussen in the rain and dark about 10 hours later.