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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Our New Camper - 2004 Roadtrek

After a pressure wash and a hand wax - here is our camper.

Although it is only 19 feet long - it has a kitchen - bathroom - and king bed.

It is built on a Dodge 3500 chassis. It has 12,000 miles on it.

Roadtreks are made in Canada. Hymer from Germany recently bought them out.

Roadtreks are designed for winter camping.

Jerry Lewis - Mocking Elvis Presley

The guy could be a pain in the ass - but his early work was wonderful.

Monday, August 21, 2017

USA/Canada - International Peace Garden

Lulu on the border between Canada and the USA - Manitoba and North Dakota.
On the border in the Peace Garden
Sunday we drove down to the North Dakota/Manitoba Border to visit the International Peace Garden. With the current political climate of Nazis - immigrants - and nuclear war - it is a sobering place to visit. Since 1930 - this garden has maintained a mile of the border that you can freely walk back and forth without showing your passport. The gardens are beautifully landscaped - there is a chapel - and a few smaller memorials. In the chapel are many quotes engraved in granite.

To get to the Peace Garden from Winnipeg - you take the Canadian National Highway 1 west - and then turn south on 10. You pass through miles and miles of peaceful prairies and farmland. We had lunch in a town called Minto - population 100. This restaurant  was just opened by a Canadian mother and her Egyptian son. We asked her why she chose Minto - such a tiny town - over Brandon (78000) - where she lived 30 miles away. She said the rent was lower. The food was great and we wished them well. I cannot imagine them making it to the first snowfall in September. 

I am writing this from the Hampton Inn by the Winnipeg Airport. We have 3 flights home with upgraded seats for free. There is little chance of being bumped. We will pass right thru the path of the eclipse - alas a couple hours past.

Winnipeg - Minneapolis - Atlanta - Tallahassee - midnight home. One more trip for the summer - next week a Disney Cruise with the grandkids. Then 2 months at home. 

If life is a marathon - and not a sprint - I am hoping I saved enough energy for the stretch. 

The scientists hope
Churchill commented on the 4000 mile border
What a peaceful and serene place
No - it was a not a toilet
Gardens were fenced to keep deer out
World Trade Center parts
Shop in the USA or Canada
The Canada maple leaf is everywhere
Cactus Pavilion
This must be pretty in winter - in 3 weeks. 
Peave Doce on border
Peace Clock
Miles of grassland to get there
This bomber trainer was in front of our Brandon Hotel
Lots of pilots trained in Manitoba

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Gimli on Lake Winnipeg and Spirit Sands

On the beach in Gimli
Friday we drove north two hours to Lake Winnipeg and the Icelandic community of Gimli. In 1875 - a group of families from Iceland came here and settled a fishing and farming community. For years - no one else was allowed to settle here. It is beautiful lake front beaches and the largest port on the lake. We stayed at the Lakeview Hotel. 

Saturday we drove west of Winnipeg to the Spirit Sands. This area is a provincial park to preserve a massive series of sand dunes deposited 18000 years ago when the continental glacier was melting. Normally - you can board a covered wagon and tour the formations. We arrived at 4 PM - the last wagon was 2 PM. We walked one mile into the area - but it was tough walking on the sand. 

To relax after that walk - we had supper and a little gambling at the Sand Hills Casino. Both the dunes and the casino are on First Nation land. We had a nice supper and thanks to Lulu's luck - we left the place $33 ahead. 

We ended up sleeping on Saturday night sleeping at the Comfort Inn in Brandon - along the beautiful Canadian National Highway 1. This highway crosses Canada - east to west - 4000 miles. 

Sunday - today - we will drive south to the International Peace Garden on the USA/Canada border. Monday - we fly home from Winnipeg.

At the harbor in Gimli

A free museum along the Canadian National Highway 1
A model air show at Gimli

Air show - Gimli
View from our hotel room - Gimli
The boardwalk at Gimli

First day of school - Gimli Iceland Museum
Lulu at the Vikings - coming to a theatre near you

Picture of sailboats on Lake Winnipeg

This airliner made emergency landing at Gimli.
Called the Gimli Glider - it was out of fuel
Neat license plate

The Spirit Sands are dunes deposited by glacier

These sand dune wagons stopped running at 2 PM -
so we walked at 4 PM
The Sand Hills Casino near Carberry

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Winnipeg - VIP Tour With Gerald Brown - Former Library Professor at the University of Manitoba

That is a sleigh slide. It goes up about 30 feet and kids go
flying out over the lake. 

From 10 AM to 5 PM - we were hosted by Gerald Brown. He took us on a VIP tour of his lovely hometown - Winnipeg.  We went to parks - churches - neighborhoods - and libraries. Winnipeggers are very proud of their town. 

One museum had a bunch of beautifully stuffed
Canadian animals.

We explored a prairie dog colony.

This was a sod house - very common on the prairie. 

More animals.
Lunch at the restaurant in the park. very nice. Very good food. 

Local gardens.

Sundial in the gardens.

Memorial to Queen Victoria
Local sculptor - Lee Mol - did all the statues.

More gardens and more sculptures.

Garnet and gold FSU flowers

One room school turned into sculptors studio.

Gardens in the marsh

This is an all cedar teepee church.

Swedish Catholic Church

All wooden church including cross stations
This church all the wood and roof burned

They built a modern church inside the old frame

The old church became a beautiful porch and place
for concerts - weddings - parties

One more prairie dog