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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Los Angeles - Flying Home First Class - Mister Customs Man Did Not Touch My Bag

LAX - Meet the Jetsons

The Channel in Los Angeles

Yesterday we flew home from Los Angeles. It was Day 5 of our roller coaster trip. It started out Friday by being bumped off our flight from Atlanta. We were surprised when they gave us $3000 and put us on the next flight. No complaints because we can have a year to use the credit on other trips where I carry Lulu's bags :-)

Lulu was busy in Long Beach at the IASL Convention. She had 4 presentations on Saturday and Sunday. I was laid up those 2 days with an inner ear infection. It really affects my balance. I just lounged around the hotel - and got my strength up for one trip to see the Queen Mary. 

But Monday I was good enough to drive down the beaches with Lulu. Even though the water is 67 - we got to walk at Sunset Beach - Huntingdon Beach - Newport Beach. Newport Beach is a seaside town on a peninsula that protects a nice harbor for small boats. 

Monday morning we took the 405 north at rush hour to the LAX Airport. One nice thing - with 2 of us in the car - we could use the HOV Car Pool Lane. There were 5 lanes - 4 of them are just cars with single people in them. If you have an electric car - you are allowed in the HOV lane. Supposedly - lots of people buy Teslas for that reason. Guess what? We did not see one Tesla on our whole trip. 

After gassing up the rental car - we went to the airport. At the security - we did not even have to open our bags - etc. We kept shoes on - and belt on. We went through like VIP. When we got to our gate - Delta - put us in Row 1 - first class. 

First class - I would never buy first class - it is just not worth it. I would stand in the toilet to save $100 on a trip. But the first class was nice. It is quieter up front away from the engines. Seats are wider - much more leg room. We got tons of drinks - snacks - dinner. I could see people getting sloshed just to get their money's worth. We also got on the plane first - and got off the plane first. I had a nice window for taking pictures. I was at the window and was able to go to the bathroom without Lulu having to get up. 

It was clear all the way to the Mississippi River. Then it clouded up - I watched a movie - napped - and we were to Atlanta. A hop and a jump and we were in Tallahassee. George picked us up and we were home at 10 PM. I showered and did the laundry.

Next trip - Winnipeg Canada in a couple days. 

The main landmark at Los Angeles is the Jetson Restaurant
See the ferries going to Catalina Island
This is Newport Beach. We were on the pier in the middle
San Clemente - where Nixon lived and died
Lake Elsinore in California over the mountains

Diamond Lake
The Salton Sea - below sea level - very salty
This is a Solar Farm 
The Colorado River is used to irrigate the desert
Note how each cloud has a corresponding shadow
South of Albuquerque - the Rio Grande River

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