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Sunday, August 06, 2017

IASL Convention in Long Beach CA

Lulu presenting her three month Germany project
We are at the convention of the International Association School Librarians. The members are from all over the world. Every other year they have the convention somewhere in the USA - and the alternating year the convention is in another country. Lulu is doing several presentations this year.

Thanks to this organization - we have visited Sweden - Hong Kong - and Australia. Next year - the convention is in Turkey.

Above - Lulu is doing a presentation about her 3 months project in Berlin - that was funded by the German DAAD Fellowship.

The convention is being held on the campus of California State Long Beach - the third largest university in California.

We are staying at the Hotel Current on the Pacific Coast Highway. Funny - when greeting fellow convention folks - the big topic was our getting a $3000 bump from Delta. To paraphrase Patton - Rommel I read your book.

We will be here 5 days - we come home Tuesday. I hope we get bumped.

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