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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Matterhorn at Zermatt Switzerland

Picture taken with iPhone 7 from 5 miles away

When in the Alps - everyone is pointing their cameras up - especially all the Asian tourists. I'll bet they were not stupid enough to leave their laptop in London and try to write about this breathtaking excursion on an iPhone. 

The Matterhorn reminds me of a burlesque fan dancer. She shows you a little - then obscures herself with lenticular clouds. You see a beautiful picture - then run for you camera - and she covers right up. 

We will be here all day catching views like the one above I just took at 8  AM. 

It is almost a perfect pyramid - 4 sides each cut thru pre-history by a different glacier. On the left side is the east face. 

Each face has a different degree of difficulty for climbers.

We are at 5000 feet. You can go up to the base by train or cable car to around 10000 feet. The top is around 14000 feet. 

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