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Friday, July 21, 2017

ST IVES - We Spent Our Last Day In Cornwall In This Little Surfer Community

A high tide lifts all boats
Low tide - the whole harbor is empty
Fisherman's Co-Op
About 11,000 make St Ives home - many summer cottages 
Tides are a big deal here

Streets are lined with great shops
Lots of bakeries
Pasty's for lunch - turnovers full of meat
Lots of nice pubs
Lulu and some booty.
I am half Quick - half Everhart - the Lord made me quick :-)
Lulu - a beach - a book
St Ives Beach
A beautiful beach but 60 degree water in July
She started her career as a lifeguard
We parked on a hill - high above downtown - took the bus down

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