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Saturday, July 01, 2017

LONDON - Walking Around Friday

This is a perfectly normal parking job in London
Marble Arch where Oxford Street starts
Crossing a stainless steel suspension bridge over
the canal in Little Venice
My favorite store - The John Lewis Store

Friday - I finally got to sleep at 5 AM and slept until noon. Lulu was all dressed and ready to go. We walked downtown - did some shopping - and bought our monthly subway and bus pass. We got home in time to make supper for Joan - arriving home from work.

After supper - we grabbed those Oyster cards - the three of us went on a long bus ride on the 414 - down to the Thames - then we caught a subway - and were back in a flicker. 

I went to bed to midnight and slept through to 8 AM this morning. The girls were dressed and ready to go shopping. I left them go - promising to get some tickets for the 2:30 PM matinee of "The Girls" at the Phoenix Theatre. If you saw the movie "Calendar Girls" you know the plot. 

I have 4 hours to relax until then - but first I must find 3 good tickets.

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