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Sunday, July 02, 2017

LONDON - Sunday - Design Museum - Hyde Park - Kensington Palace

Memorials to Diana at the Kensington Gate

The blue skies from eastern Pennsylvania have drifted to London - giving us 74 degrees - 29% humidity - and bright sun. 

Lulu an dJoan went to the flower market in the morning. In the afternoon Lulu and I visited the Design Museum - Hyde Park - and Kensington Palace. Since it was Princess Diana's old home - people were putting tons of flowers around the gate. 

We took the bus south around Hyde Park to the Design Museum. The museum displays man examples of well designed products - like telephones - computers - bikes - appliances - etc. it is almost like going up into Grandma's attic. 

Hyde Park is about 1 miles south of our apartment. The park is full of people walking - sunning - riding bikes - and playing games. the back of Kensington Palace butts up against Hyde Park. There is a palace building called the Orangery. It is a build with large window doors - where in the winter they wheel out large pots containing orange trees. They take the trees in at night to prevent the fruit for frosting and dying. 

After Hyde Park we caught the subway home. 

The Design Museum is a free modern museu with lots practical design examples.
Lulu always finds free stuff for me to do.
We stopped at McDonalds for a snack. Can your believe
 that McDonalds delivers food over here. You order online.
I love the electric G-Whiz - made in India.
 It seats 4 people.It costs about $15000. The city give
you tons of perkif you buy one. It is about 7 feet long.
Hyde Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon - in the summer time. 
Kensington Palace on Hyde Park
Princess Diana flowers
Kensington  Palace facing north
Carousel in Hyde Park - note the Brit flags.

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