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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

GREENWICH - Monday At The Maritime Museum

You enter the foot tunnel here
The 1300 foot tunnel bows under
the Thames River
East of downtown London about 8 miles is Greenwich. It is the home of the Royal Naval Observatory and the Maritime Museum. This is also the home of the Prime Meridian. All of the measurements on the earth are measured from here. For example - Tamaqua PA - is 78 degrees west of Greenwich.

In travel - two rules I like to follow are -
1. Getting there is half the fun.
2. A good trip is more who you travel with than the destination.

To get across the river to Greenwich - there is a foot tunnel that is 110 years old. It is about 1/4 mile long. You go down about 5 stories in a spiral staircase or elevator. Then you walk through this nine feet diameter iron tube that is lined with tiles. You cannot see from one end to the other since the tunnel bows down under the river. The first time I went it seemed much scarier than this time.


The Maritime Museum is oriented to school groups and a rewriting of British Naval history.

The Death of Lord Nelson
Kids playing on the giant map
I enjoyed a whole room explaining away
The Battle of Jutland.

We took the subway - bus - train - all using our Oyster Card.

On the way home - we went through
Canary Wharf and this amazing subway
We must have gone down 200 feet.

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