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Thursday, July 06, 2017

DOVER - We Plan To See The Opening Of Dunkirk Movie in Dover

Dunkirk poster in our Tube station 
340,000 were evacuated from Dunkirk to Dover
in a miracle 

In 1940 - before the USA entered World War II - the Brits were on their own fighting the Nazis. By June - the Germans had marched into Paris and France was their prize. After Germany invaded Poland - the United Kingdom declared war on Germany and sent the British Expeditionary Force to help France - Belgium - Netherlands - and Canada.

In May of 1940 - the Germans had the British pinned down near Dunkirk. Hitler hesitated or he could have pushed them into the sea. For some strange reason - he allowed them about a week to re-trench and amass one of the largest exodus's ever. 340,000 British were extracted from Dunkirk to Dover. 20,000 did die during the process. If the British would have surrendered - WWII would have been over in 1940 - and Britain would be under German rule. 

Today - the British have turned this retreat into a victory. They went through hell for the next 4 years - but finally in 1944 they invaded Normandy along with the help of the USA - Canada - and Australia. It took another year to end the war as the USA and Russia approached Hitler in Berlin where he shot himself. One million people died in the capture of Berlin. 

The Dunkirk soldiers were evacuated on all sorts of ships and boats. Anything they could commandeer was sent to the front - they ferried soldiers out to big ships. The ships were brought to Dover - at the base of the White Cliffs. We plan to go to Dover to see the premier of "Dunkirk."

White Cliffs of Dover - made of chalk

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