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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Claussens and Browns - An American Family

Grandkids and Grandparents - the past and the future - are 2 big parts of America and its birthday celebration. This beautiful picture is Charlotte Brown - Will Brown - Frances Claussen - and Henry Claussen.

Frances Claussen - is the aunt of my daughter-in-law Robin. The flag shirt - which attracted me to the picture has a story all its own. Frances's father is Jack Robinson - the winner of a gold medal in basketball at the 1948 London Olympics. During the Olympic Torch Run in Atlanta in 1996 - Jack Robinson got to carry the torch. The whole family got shirts like the one above to wear to watch their father - grandfather - great grandfather - carry the torch. Every year for 20 years - Henry has gotten his shirt out to wear for the family event. The shirt still fits fine.

The Browns live in Tallahassee. The Claussens live along the golf course in Augusta. We visited Jack and his lovely wife Charlotte two weeks ago. Jack is the last remaining member of the gold medal Olympic team.

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