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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WINDSOR - We Took The Train To See The Queen In Her Summer Home

All pictures and video taken with an iphone 7.

Watch Lulu almost miss the train. We took the train to Windsor Castle.

Today we went to Windsor Castle - didn't we just visit there last August? Yes - but if you got your tickets stamped - it was good for a year - so here we were. We took the train from Paddington Station - it took about an hour. 

The queen has a bunch of palaces - but Windsor is her favorite. She liked it so much that she chose Windsor as her last name. There was a stink - because when she married Philip - he was of German ancestry. No one in England wanted a German prince - but she married him anyway. 

Windsor Castle is so big - it is in town and in the country. One can walk out of the one gate into the center of town - and to the west you see miles of royal farm land. 

On the tour - you go through about 20 formal royal rooms. You do not go into the queen's private residence. 

We enjoyed a beautiful day - 75 - sunny - no rain. We enjoyed some royal ice cream on the grounds. 

The main gate of Windsor Castle
The castle keep - the most secure area

The gate we entered

The queen lives there in summer
The castle is in three layers.
The moat is filled in and a garden now
The queen's apartment
The parade green in the castle
Lord Bedford buried in St George Chapel
King Geroge and Queen Mary
Prince Albert in a can
The guard at Windsor
St George Chapel is really a cathedral.
Queen Elizabeth will be buried here. 
Duck tours in the Thames River.
The river is only about 400 feet wide here.
This is the city side of the castle. It is half
in town and half in the country.
Changing of the guard.

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