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Saturday, July 22, 2017

It Is A Rainy Saturday In London - The Dunkirk Movie

The movie Dunkirk opened worldwide yesterday.
Our first 22 days in London have been sunny and mild. But yesterday and today we enjoyed more normal London weather - we were dodging raindrops.

We went to see the movie - Dunkirk. We could have seen it yesterday in Cornwall for about 5 pounds - but today we paid 13 pounds in London.

The story of Dunkirk is glossed over in American history books. It happened in June of 1940 - when America was staying out of the European War. Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 - and Britain declared war on Germany sending 500,000 men to the Netherlands - France - and Belgium to fight the Nazis. It was a tough battle - but in June 1940 - Hitler's armies took Paris. He was pushing the British and French into the English Channel. He had them pinned down at Dunkirk. If Hitler would have performed a full assault on the trapped armies - there would have been a surrender and the British schools would be teaching - ESL - English second language today.

I really enjoy seeing historical things over here - particularly about World War II. The people appreciate Americas for coming into the war - and leading the way to end Hitler's reign of terror.

The movie was several different stories going on at the same time. My favorite perspective was about the armada of tiny boats. Fishing boats from all over England were commandeered and rushed to the French Coast. They ferried thousands of soldiers from the beach to the waiting warships much farther off the coast.

Personally - the sinking of cargo ships by German torpedoes brought it close to home. My grandfather - Roy Everhart - lost his life to a German torpedo. He died in July 1942 - early in the war the German U-boats were unstoppable.

Dunkirk was a stunning defeat. The British were pushed back to their homeland with their tails between their legs. 340,000 were rescued and brought back to Dover. Although it was a defeat - parties broke out in the streets to honor their returning "heroes." It took 4 years - but with the help of the Americans - Canadians - and Australians - they returned to Normandy in June of 1944. The race was on for Berlin - and in May 1945 it was all over. Hitler killed himself. Germany surrendered.

Cornwall - We Spent Friday At St Ives - An Arts And Surfing Community

“I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast!
And when I run I feel his pleasure.” 
― Eric Liddell

We saw our first rain in 21 days in England today. We enjoyed a day in the town of St Ives. The beach here has been voted the best in England many times. It is also the closest you can get to the USA. We enjoyed shopping - eating - walking - and beaching around. The sun came out as we were about to leave.

The Newquay Airport is about 40 minutes north of St Ives. We lifted off at 6:30 - arrived at Gatwick Airport around 7:30 - left the airport at 8:30 - and were in our London flat at 9:30. By 10 PM - we were 2 sheets to the wind.

The above video features "one take Harry."

Friday, July 21, 2017

ST IVES - We Spent Our Last Day In Cornwall In This Little Surfer Community

A high tide lifts all boats
Low tide - the whole harbor is empty
Fisherman's Co-Op
About 11,000 make St Ives home - many summer cottages 
Tides are a big deal here

Streets are lined with great shops
Lots of bakeries
Pasty's for lunch - turnovers full of meat

Thursday, July 20, 2017

CORNWALL - Second Day In Port Wenn And Watching Doc Martin Filming

Lulu in the slip in front of the Rescue Station

One of my favorites  is Dame Eileen Atkins as Dr Ruth Ellingham

Note the black sign in one video takes and not in the other.

We dedicate this trip to Jan and Dick Davis. The plan was for them to come with us on this one. It was all their idea. Unfortunately - they could not make it. Five years ago - we enjoyed a wonderful reunion with them in London. They are our mentors when it comes to travel. 

We have really enjoyed our second day in Port Wenn watching them recording the Doc Martin TV Show and just enjoying this beautiful sea coast town. We hiked the Coastal Trail along the cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean. It was sunny and 60 degrees most of the day. We did get a light drizzle for a few minutes - but we kept hiking. It reminds me of the coast along the NW United States.

Staying at the Slipway Hotel was perfect. We were in the center of action - we had some excellent meals - and were available when all the TV Stars appeared.

We just saw Dame Elaine Atkins shoot her last scene - notice - they set up and shot it from two angles in two different takes.

Tomorrow we will go to St Ives - a sea coast surfing town. Then we will catch our plane to London from Newquay Airport. 

Pasty's are like turnovers but with meat in them.

The harbor drains twice a day - not boats on bottom.

Streets are very narrow.

New construction - not heavy timber.
A cute VW camper - new
This is our rental Vauxhaul - English Chevy
Beautiful home on coastal trail
Port Isaac from  the Coastal Trail
The sea wall was built by Henry VIII.
Note the caves and cliffs - we walked them
They were shooting the TV Show on beach
Note boasts at high tide
Dr Martin's Office - Come Thru
Our white hotel and window over Lulu's head


Mrs. Tishell's pharmacy
Lulu bought fudge in Mrs. Tishell's pharmacy.

Rescue Station
The white shirt guy is Constable PC Penhale
We were watching this scene from our lunch today.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Today We Met Martin Clunes - Star of Doc Martin TV Show - Top Show in England

Doc Martin (Martin Clunes) - Lulu and Harry

Burt Large


We left our London flat at 7 AM - our jet lifted off from Gatwick Airport at 9:30. By 11 AM  - we were in our rental car trying to find Port Isaac (Port Wenn). It was something new driving on the wrong side of the road and shifting gears with my left hand. The roads in Cornwall are very narrow. In places - there is not room enough for two cars to pass each other. The weather was heavy overcast with just a hint of rain.

At 1 PM - we pulled into the public parking lot at Port Isaac. Since there is not parking in the downtown - we left tour car in the airing lot and walked the ¼ mile down to the public slip. Our hotel is in the center of town - the Slipway Hotel. To our surprise - they were filming the Doc Martin TV Series. They were shooting scenes right in front  of our hotel.

If you watch Doc Martin on Netflix - you know is the number one TV show in England - and Martin Clunes is the top TV personality. We actually needed up being in a few of the scenes. Our hotel restaurant was used as background. When they called for quiet on the set - we were told to talk to each other but do not look at the action. So we will be in one of the shows - maybe more.

The characters we saw were - Doc Martin - his Aunt Ruth Ellingham (she is played by Dame Eileen Atkins). Atkins also played Queen Mary in The Crown - and she was in Calendar Girls. We saw magistrate PC Penhale. Also- Morwenna - Doc Martin's receptionist.

What was so remarkable was how it did not bother the actors or crew one bit that there were people all over. They were all very professional and courteous - everyone was having a good time - cast - crew - onlookers. No one stopped you from taking pictures or video.

We retreated to our room many times - only to be summoned by another call to action. It was so surreal. We felt like participants. They were still filming at 7 PM - and we had supper outside watching them. Finally - Lulu and I got the courage to ask Doc Martin to pose with us. He was most gracious to us and everyone.

We are in bed now - looking out our window at the harbor - wondering if all that really happened today. We will spend tonight and tomorrow night here and fly back to London Friday evening.

It is 11 PM - the tide went out - and all those boats in the harbor are sitting on the bottom. What a strange and wonderful place.

Beautiful stonework

 Narrow streets

Filming in the harbor - Port Wenn

Our hotel - The Slipway

Morwenna in boat in orange

Doc Martin's Surgery

Louisa's School

The Surgery is a private cottage

They do not film inside the building. 

Harbor from the cliffs

Filming in the harbor - director in yellow boat

The school

The ice cream shop.

Martin posed with everyone

Martin petted every dog

He posed with every kid

Cornwall Orchard Cider in front of 
Mrs. Tishell's Pharmacy.

Constable PC Penhale