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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Going To Virginia Tomorrow To Visit Kids and Grandkids at Black Bear Lodge

Friday we are heading north to see the kids. We will be driving the Honda van with something new inside. We are taking along our electric bikes for the first time. Of course - I am always concerned about bike theft. We had one stolen from our camper in Washington DC a long time ago. Ever since then we lock them up.

Lulu was concerned about scratching the van up inside - I was worried about hurting the bikes. I built this little garage that protects the bikes - prevents rattling noises - and keeps the van clean. It reminds me of those trailers with horse stalls in them. There is also plenty of foam rubber from an old camper mattress.

I took the van for a test ride and it is nice and quiet. It is about 800 miles up and 800 miles back. 

It is supposed to rain for the weekend - we might not get to ride the bikes. But we will get to celebrate   grandson Max's 1st birthday and grandson Jack's 9th. 

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