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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tuesday - Lulu and I Enjoyed EPCOT Together

In EPCOT - the entrance to the World Showcase

In England - we loved the British Revolution.

We had a big week scheduled for Disneyworld. Disney offered great discounts to Florida residents - $49 for hotel rooms - and $138 three day passes. Then - we had a funeral to attend in Pennsylvania. We had the choice of canceling the Disney visit -and flying from Tallahassee. Instead we chose to do the Disney trip and fly to Tamaqua from Sanford FL.

So we enjoyed Disneyworld Monday and Tuesday. Then we flew north leaving Disneyworld at 4 AM Wednesday. We got to Allentown at 9:30 and Tamaqua at 11AM.

Wednesday night the viewing was at 6PM and Thursday the funeral was at St Jerome Church at 11:00. Lulu delivered the eulogy. Then we had a dinner at Trinity Church. Now we are at Lulu's old home - she is napping away - she can relax now a bit and try to enjoy the visit.

When we return to Central Florida Saturday - we will go back to Disneyworld to finish our visit.  Then we head home to Tallahassee Sunday.

Disney's gardens are top drawer

We visited China and a 360 degree movie

One of my favorite shows is - The Lion King

Lulu is right at home in Germany - particular with a brat and
pretzel - Sauerkraut - and grapefruit beer

This German band says something to us

Germans love their model train yards.

This garden train yard is exposed to the weather all the time.

The 7 dwarfs in flowers.

Snow White - who is the fairest of them all - Lulu.

I want to build 2 guest houses - this could be one.

In England - the British tea garden.

Alice was  in England.

There was a rock concert here just 10minutes ago - see video.

This could be our second guest house - in Canada.

Lulu loved Niagra Falls in Canada.

Front and back.  I love that girl.

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SandiJ said...

Since Christmas, I don't ever walk past those trains and NOT think of you!