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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Georgeann - Lulu's Cousin Died Saturday

Jim and Georgeann Boyle Knowles drove 1000 miles to
stay in our old Florida guest house.
Georgeann and Barry Manilow in Las Vegas
I remember Lulu's cousin many ways. Georgeann and Lulu were best friends and family devils ever since I knew them. They would celebrate together - and make up any reason to celebrate. The highlight of both of their lives was to have Cousins' Trip with cousins Ruth Ann and Cathy.  Sometimes it meant moving Christmas a few months - with Christmas tree and presents. Thanks to our friend Michele - she loaned her Cocoa Beach beach condo 4 years in a row - the Cousins could escape to their childhood - laughing - running - and playing on the beach.

There are many ways I could remember Georgeann - but my absolute best would be that night in Las Vegas. She was a big Barry Manilow fan - she must have seen his show 50 times. One shining moment - she was called up on stage - and the rest was history -

Georgeann's viewing will be Wednesday night at Connie Zizelman's in Tamaqua PA. The funeral service will be Thursday. We will be flying up on the Sanford FL to Allentown PA non-stop jet on Wednesday morning  - the same flight the Cousins used on their beach adventures.

On the beach at Cocoa - with her Seminoles shirt on
Ruth Ann - Cathy - Lulu - Georgeann
A New York City Christmas
The shirts say - we are all the same color inside
People thought they were gay - they were gay (happy)
The Florida Capitol and a long drive from home

Lunch at my restaurant
Have you ever seen the famous Help video?
Christmas at the Tamaqua Train Station 
Lulu - sisters Betty and Dolores - Georgeann
Supper on the Boardwalk

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