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Monday, May 01, 2017

Camper Show in Arizona - We Could Have Driven One Home

The Arizona Cardinals play here. But Sunday
 it was full of campers - and us. 

Sunday - we got up at 6 AM in Maricopa AZ. We never got adjusted to the time change. We were always in bed by 9 PM and up ay 6 AM. Some of the best times we had on the trip were with Dick and Jan at sunrise. The back of their home faces sunrise - and the cool desert air blew through their home. 

We had a 1 PM flight home - which meant we should be at the airport at 11 AM. So about 9 AM - we said our goodbyes - and pointed the Kia rental car north to Phoenix. Before we flew we wanted to see a motor home show being held into Arizona Cardinals Stadium. It did not open until 10 AM - but we hoped  if we arrived early - they would let us in. We arrived around 9:30 and yes - they let us in early. 

It was small motor home heaven. We had the whole place to ourselves. There were about 50 of the latest campers laid out in air-conditioned comfort - inside an NFL arena. All the models were clearly marked on the windshield - many with deep discounts. The salesmen left us alone - answering any questions - but not pestering. 

Campers were priced from about $20k to about $200k. We stayed away from anything over $150k

We found 3 campers we loved. 

Camper Number 1 We Liked - This is a 2017 Winnebago Trend 23 for $70k. It has a big rear bathroom with separate shower. The 2 single beds are gigantic and can be joined into a king bed. It is on a Dodge Promaster chassis. It is big enough to travel with many people. This could be a nice travel van and a great guest house anywhere. 

The beds of the Winnebago Trend

Second Camper We Liked Very Much - Hymer makes this very light trailer for about $20k. It can towed with anything because it weighs about only 1800 pounds. The top goes up and down making it able to fit in our garage. We could pull it with our Honda van. It has a nice bathroom and bed. Hymer is a great German company that just bought our favorite company Roadtrek. What would be nice about  this camper - if we drove north to visit - or drove to the beach - etc - it is easy to disconnect and have your car to drive around. 

Third Camper We Liked Very Much - this was a 2014 Mercedes Winnebago Touring Coach. It was $75k with 12,000 miles on it. When it was new it was about $120k. The finish inside was top drawer. It has a full bathroom - great kitchen - and long beds. This van would blend in anywhere. It gets 20 MPG on diesel fuel. It has a tried and true 188 HP diesel engine. Imagine losing $45k in 3 years of depreciation. 

This Hymer was sold. $59,900 new. Lulu loved the garnet color.

Inside of the Winnebago Trend - our first choice
Inside the Unity

This is the famous Under Hood Generator. 
This system has a big battery - under hood generator - volt start.
You run AC off the battery - then it comes on at night
and charges the big lithium battery.
System cost $20k. 

This $150k Unity is the one Dick Davis covets.
Inside it is all top drawer wood and leather.
It has recliners - and a big murphy bed.

We left the show at 11 AM and were at the airport at 11:30 AM. We forgot to fill the gas tank. Avis wanted $10 a gallon - so we left the airport to get gasoline. We needed 6 gallons - and saved that by filling it ourselves. 

Phoenix airport has the best security. You do not have to open you bags - you do not have to take off your shoes - your walk right through - quickly. We were at our gate 90 minutes before our flight at 1 PM. Our plane was full - we had a nice flight - only 3 hours and 20 minutes to Atlanta. We had supper at Atlanta - then a one hour flight home. We were surprised to see George there at midnight - alas he was there to pick up his son - but he took us home too :-)

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