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Friday, April 21, 2017

Nothing Better Than Old Coal Cracker Friends Visiting After Surgery. Meet Jimmy - Cathy - and Shannon Welsh

Harry - Lulu - Jimmy - Cathy - Shannon.
The Welsh's
Lulu loves to show guests Dodd Hall -
an old FSU library

On Tuesday I had a joint replaced in my index finger. There is nothing better than having two coal cracker nurses here to take care of me and keep my mind off the recovery.

Jimmy and his brother Matt lived right down the street from me on Catawissa St in Tamaqua PA. For years we prowled the streets of North Ward and the Bungalow Park together. Of course we all grew up and went our separate ways. Jim worked for Asplunt - a national tree surgeon business. He worked all over the USA. He is retired now - but when I saw him on Facebook - we had to have them over. 

Jimmy has 3 pretty daughters in their 20s now. His wife Cathy also works as a nurse administrator. When I found Jim - he was touring around Florida in a motor home. They went to the Parma Maria for supper. We invited them up to our section of Florida - they arrived Wednesday. We took them to the usual haunts - the museums - FSU stuff - and we ate at Harry's - my restaurant downtown. 

We spent 3 days at our house - going over the history of everyone from Tamaqua. we laughed and laughed - and were sad about friends that have died. 

They were in our house and helped celebrate as Lulu taught her last class before her 16 month sabbatical at FSU. This morning they pulled out in the camper as they headed west for Panama City Beach - Destin - Fort Walton - and Pensacola. They have a Ford camper made by Thor. It sleeps 6  people. They are towing a Toyota Scion - safety car - just in case. While here - they stayed in the house with us. Lulu made some coal region treats like red beet eggs -  they pleased her by making a fuss over them. 

Tomorrow - we are flying to Phoenix to see Dick and Jan Davis - two other coal cracker friends that live in Maricopa AZ. It is the start of Lulu's Grand Sabbatical Tour. 

We hope they all come back for a football game in the winter. Nothing is better than coal cracker guests!

Harry and Jimmy at Doak Campbell Stadium

Shannon just graduated with her nursing degree
Bobby Bowden was recruiting Jimmy
We went up to the top of the
Florida Capitol
Jimmy lives with 4 women. Cathy his wife
of 30 years - Shannon his daughter

At the Florida Supreme Court Jimmy
applied for a job. 
Cathy will work here as the new Judge Judy

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