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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Flying In A 600 HP Bentley Up Monroe Street With Jim

Here is a 69 year old guy experiencing
600 horsepower up Monroe St
2012 Bentley V12 Twin turbo
Lulu's brother Jack introduced us to Jim a long time ago. Jim is an FSU alum and comes to town for football games. A long time ago - we met at the Gator Bowl for a game - Lulu catered a big party - and Jim offered us Plantation Shutters. Jim gave us some for our old house. 

When it came time to built the new house - we built it to accept 28 sets of Jim's shutters. On the web look up - "The Louvre Shoppe." Jim's firm installed the shutters for us. He even used a video of us and the house for his web page. 

Jim's business is doing well. This time - Jim arrived in a Bentley Convertible. It has 619 HP and two turbos in that V12 engine. The first owner of the car was Kobe Bryant's wife. It cost $260k new. 

Jim used to stay with us for Seminole football games - but he bought a house in town just for games. 

Big tires - big brakes - big wheels - almost 6000 pounds

The V12 is only 6 liters
As we were driving the Bentley -
the Ford Tri-Motor passed overhead.
Dale - Jim - Lulu enjoying a beautiful sunny day
I doubt a Bentley will ever live at that house

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