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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Touring Liberty University and Lynchburg VA

Harry and his wife with Jerry Falwell and his wife

Pictures of Jerry Falwell all over campus

This electric truck delivered food from the diner on campus

We had supper with the students in this campus diner

We pulled into Lynchburg VA about 3 PM. It was overcast and it looked like it was raining on the high peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was 70 degrees out but on a Sunday afternoon we could not find many people. We went downtown along the James River but very few places were open. They must have Blue Laws.

Next we went to the campus of Liberty University. There are streets - buildings - even an airport named after Jerry Falwell. There were lots of pictures of him around - it reminded me of the Old Red Communist China. The campus is new - and about 3 miles outside of downtown. There is a lot of construction going on. When George Bush was in the White House - more of his staff members graduated from this college than any other in the USA.

We saw an aluminum and neon diner on campus and figured we could eat supper there. There were about 40 kids in there eating. Even though we were not students - they let us eat at the student rate. It cost $6.50 a person for supper - no tax. For that you got an entree - two sides - a drink - and a dessert. Again - there were quite a few pictures of Jerry Falwell in the dining area. Lulu and I posed for a picture there.

We are in a nice hotel overlooking campus - Fairfield Inn. There are only 15 cars in the lot - so it must be empty. It is 6 PM - we are in for the night- watching basketball.

We are looking forward to tomorrow when we will tour Monticello and Walton's Mountain. We will also get to Washington where we can see - Max - Liz - and Keith.

Out hotel has a very nice pool - unfortunately Lulu forgot her bathing suit. I imagine they frown on skinny dipping here.

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